Vlassis Bonatsos

Vlassis Bonatsos (Greek: Βλάσσης Μπονάτσος) (b. 1949 in Xylokastro, Greece - d. 14 October 2004 in Athens, Greece) was a popular Greek entertainer. He started his career from music, creating a group called "Peloma Becue", in the early 1970s. Then he took up acting and starred in TV programmes and Greek movies. He also presented TV shows and gameshows on Greek TV including Family Feud (Kontres). He died suddenly in 2004.


  • Some of his curly black hair has been stored in the Museum of Greek Actors.


  • Me to pouli sto heri - Telegame
  • Oi Aparadektoi - as himself
  • Ekeines kai Ego - guest star
  • Family Feud, the Greek version with the same board but with similar colors, theme song, Greek title and several characteristics but the same attitude as Family Feud, it was known as Kontres or Kondres in Greek and was broadcast at 6:30 EET (5:30 CET) on Mega Channel in the mid-1990s and on Mega Cosmos in the early-2000s in the afternoons.


  • Arhontissa ki o alitis, I (1968) ...... dancer
  • Drakos, to prosopo tis imeras, O (1983) ...... Alekos
  • Ela tora... pou leipei o andras mou (1986) ...... Telis
  • Tile-kannivaloi (1987) ...... Dimitris Dimitriou
  • Patris, listeia, oikogeneia (1987) ...... Vlassis
  • Agapitikos tis... Dimitroulas, O (1989)
  • Edo o kosmos hanetai... kai i Mimi htenizetai (1989)
  • Diavolos kai to kerato tou, O (1989) ...... Angelos Vouteris
  • Drapetis, O (1991) ...... Simos
  • Gynaikes dilitirio (1993) ...... Vlassis
  • Vitsia gynaikon (2000) ...... Renard

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