Pros and Cons

"Pros and Cons" is an episode of Garfield and Friends. It originally aired on October 14, 1989.

Episode recap

Garfield teaches Jon a new board game, and the rules state that whenever Jon loses, Garfield gets to eat all the food. Jon is too tired to go to the supermarket to buy more food, so he gives Odie money and a shopping list and sends him to the store.

As Odie is en route to the store, he meets an alley cat that tells him that he doesn’t have to go to a store to buy things. The cat then goes into a garbage can and pulls out a dirty sock, and he gives it to Odie (in his mouth) while taking the money from him. Jon is angry about this when Odie gets home, whereas Garfield asks Odie what happened. Odie’s explanation doesn’t clear up anything for Garfield, so he turns the TV on in time for Garfield and Friends, and he finds out what happened.

Garfield takes some play money from the board game and then dresses up like a doofus; then he pretends to have to go to the store. The alley cat sees him and tries to convince him that he doesn’t have to do so, to which Garfield replies that he has to buy a mate for his owner’s sock (the dirty sock). After seeing how much money Garfield has, the cat runs off in search of Odie. Garfield finds Odie first and gives him the sock to hold. The alley cat then comes, takes the sock and gives Odie his money back.

Odie brings Jon the money, and Jon apologizes for having been so rough on him; Jon then goes to the supermarket himself. Meanwhile, Garfield teaches Odie the new board game, and after hearing Jon come home, Garfield mentions that no one with any sense would trade the supermarket money for a dirty sock. They then discover Jon with the dirty sock in his mouth, and Garfield once again leaves the house dressed like a doofus.


  • The play money seems to have pictures of Orson on them.


  • When Garfield leaves the house the second time, he forgets the sock.
  • When Jon rolls "4" and moves, he moves more than four spaces, but counts four.


Jon: [To Garfield] I’m too tired to go buy more groceries. And if I send you, no food’ll ever get back here.

Garfield: Odie, I’ve lost all respect for you. [Odie whimpers] It’s no big deal; I didn’t have that much to begin with.


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