The Egyptian Student Association in North America

The Egyptian Student Association in North America (ESANA) is the North American branch of the National Egyptian Student Association (NESA). It is a registered non-profit organization in USA and Canada, that aims at integrating the Egyptian scholarly community across the globe. ESA in Canada and USA is the largest branch of NESA with a student member population currently exceeding 1,500 and over 50 local chapters (units) throughout Canada and USA.

ESANA has four primary goals:

  1. A syndicated goal: to protect and care for the affairs of its members; to objectively analyze and struggle to solve their problems; to represent them in front of all official and non-official levels;
  2. A propagatory goal: to expose the true civilized and Islamic character of Egypt; to propagate the national efforts of the country and Arab world for peace in the American, Canadian and International societies;
  3. A political goal: to express, study and analyze the nation's problems, as well as those of the Arab and international community, and to express ESANA's point of view;
  4. A scientific goal: to follow-up scientific deficiencies in Egypt and research solutions as much as human and practical resources allow.

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