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PROMT, founded in 1991, has more than 17 years of experience in developing machine translation solutions. The company offers translation software for home and business use as well as for Internet and corporate intranets. The company’s goal is to create tools that enable people to communicate easily and effectively by removing language barriers between them. The company motto is "We make the world understandable"®

Continuous development over the past 17 years has resulted in the unique linguistic technologies and software coding principles that form the company’s core competency. A highly-skilled development team has evolved the innovative machine translation (MT) technology at the heart of the @promt product family over the past twenty five years, taking the company to a leadership position in global MT technology. Systems available today include:

machine translation systems and services;
translation memory system;
data mining system;
tools for human translators;
online real-time translation services

The company distributes its products through authorized channels in Germany, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, the USA, and Canada.

Broad language support

PROMT software currently supports 7 of the most widely-spoken European languages:

• English (including British and American English);
• Spanish (including Latin American Spanish);
• German (including Swiss-German);
• French (including Swiss, Belgian, and Canadian French);
• Italian;
• Portuguese (including Brazilian Portuguese);
• Russian.

Currently-available products support 24 translation directions. Increasing the number of supported languages is an important part of PROMT’s development strategy, but the company’s main efforts remain focused on attaining the highest possible translation quality for existing language pairs. Based on the principles of intensive development, PROMT assigns primary importance to machine translation quality improvement over increasing the quantity of language directions available.

Innovative translation software

PROMT provides individuals and companies with language solutions that meet contemporary translation needs and gives businesses a competitive edge in multilingual environment. The full range of the poducts can be found in PROMT online store

Markets and project experience

PROMT has customers in all major market sectors:

• governmental institutions;
• banks and financial institutions;
• aerospace companies;
• oil and gas companies;
• industrial enterprises;
• hi-tech enterprises;
• private individuals.

The company also has significant experience in developing and maintaining translation projects for large corporate and governmental customers including

• a free Lithuanian online translation service;
• Russia’s State Organization for Standards and Metrics;
• SAP;
• Microsoft;
• Xerox;
• a number of Mobile network providers

More than 1.5 million licenses have been sold around the world since 1991.

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