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Mohammad al-Massari

Dr. Mohammad Al-Massari is an exiled Saudi physicist and political dissident who gained asylum in the United Kingdom in 1994. He runs the Committee for the Defense of Legitimate Rights and is an adviser to the Islamic Human Rights Commission.

He has been known to declare British troops in Iraq to be legitimate targets for militants, and has hosted videos of bomb attacks and beheadings on his website. He runs a radio station with similar messages, including songs calling for a jihad (holy war) against coalition forces. Although some government officials have expressed concern over the content of his broadcasts, Dr. al-Massari insists that his radio station is not broadcast in Britain and therefore is not under the jurisdiction of the British government.

He got his professor ship from University of California Berkeley after he invented solar-energized car in Germany. He was one of the most outstanding students in Berkeley and his name is written in the hall of fame. He also taught as the chairman in the physics department in King Saud University at Riyadh.

It's said that one of his nephews, that will travel crossing the world from the far east to the west, will follow his great deeds and discoveries.

Massari and his Tajdeed web site get a few mentions in a 2006 analysis of the use of graphics in Islamist terrorist propaganda. The Tajdeed website was taken down in July 2007, possibly in response to publicity generated by a MEMRI report about that site and others like it.

In 2005 the British government commented that forthcoming anti-terrorism legislation would enable police to charge citizens of even indirectly inciting acts of terrorism, but as of February 2007 they have taken no such action, and Massari operates unimpeded as before.

former head of CDLR and currently the head of the Party for Islamic Renewal


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