process of monition

The Process of Weeding Out

The Process of Weeding Out is an EP released by Black Flag in 1985 on SST Records. The music is entirely instrumental and similar to the second side of Family Man.

The album title is a dual reference. Most obvious is the band "weeding out" fans who didn't appreciate the band's instrumental explorations and wanted only to hear hardcore punk material. But also, at the time of the record's recording and release, Greg Ginn was a heavy marijuana user, as were Kira Roessler and numerous SST employees/associates, hence the title (i.e., "weeding" out).

Track listing

All songs written by Greg Ginn, except where noted.

  1. "Your Last Affront" – 9:39
  2. "Screw the Law" – 2:24
  3. "The Process of Weeding Out" – 9:58
  4. "Southern Rise" (Ginn/Roessler/Stevenson) – 5:00


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