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Canadian Council of Natural Mothers

The Canadian Council of Natural Mothers (CCNM) is a Canadian lobby group for the rights of women who have placed children for adoption. It is opposed to the continuing practice of adoption in all forms, arguing that adoption is excessively traumatic for all concerned.

Many of CCNM's published positions take the position that adoption is frequently dependent on the legal and emotional exploitation of natural mothers, and the group has published a guide to "Honest Adoption Language" which argues that much of the contemporary vocabulary used to describe adoption exhibits a pro-adoption bias.

CCNM has lobbied extensively for open birth records, and supports the Ontario Adoption Information Disclosure Act. In 2005 it published a position paper disputing the claims of Ontario Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian with regards to past privacy commitments made to women placing children for adoption.

Membership is open to all adoptees and blood relatives of adoptees, especially birth parents. The current president of CCNM is Karen Lynn. CCNM is an affiliate of Parent Finders Canada.

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