private enter-prise

John Smith (private)

Private John Smith VC was a soldier of the 1st Madras European Fusiliers. He was born in London 1822, enlisted 1841, and was discharged on pension 1861. Smith died 6th May 1866 at Tanjore, India. He was awarded the Victoria Cross for action on 16 November 1857 at the Siege of Lucknow.


London Gazette 24th December 1858

"For being one of the first to try and enter the gateway on the north side of Secundra Bagh. On the gateway being burst open, he was one of the first to enter, and was surrounded by the enemy. He received a sword-cut on the head, a bayonet wound on the left side, and a contusion from the butt-end of a musket on the right shoulder, notwithstanding which he fought his way out, and continued to perform his duties for the rest of the day."


  • Ref Chris Kempton Valour and Gallantry: H.E.I.C.& Indian Army Victoria Crosses & George Crosses 1856- 1946

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