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The Accüsed

The Accüsed is a thrashcore and crossover thrash band from Seattle, WA.


Formed in 1981 in Oak Harbor, Washington by bassist Chibon 'Chewy' Batterman, Dana Collins and guitarist Tom Niemeyer. John Dahlin was the vocalist from 1983-1984. The addition of Blaine Cook (frontman of Seattle hardcore punk group The Fartz) fit nicely into the group's migration towards a more heavy metal-based sound. In 1984, The band dubbed their style "splatter rock," in homage to their favorite genre of horror films. Their hybrid musical formula was distinguishable by Blaine's unusual choking-sound vocals, Niemeyer's muted, choppy, buzzsaw guitars, dark metallic riffs, and rapid-fire drumming. The band are also responsible for creating the wild, zombie mascot Martha Splatterhead, whose likeness (created by Niemeyer) adorns most of their albums and many of their promotional items. The Accused recorded five albums, three EPs, and over 100 songs between their 1981 inception and 1990s hiatus.

After the split, Tom Niemeyer joined the grunge band Gruntruck in 1991 and followed with them until their end in 1997. Josh Sinder played drums for the grunge band Tad and then , joined Gruntruck in the final of the band.

The Accused regrouped in 2003, playing live shows in the Seattle area, then releasing the album "Oh, Martha!" on their own CONDAR Records label. This "comeback record" landed on Revolver magazine's Top Ten albums of the year and "Writer's Lists" from Metal Maniacs magazine. However, that line-up was short-lived. In 2005 3 members formed another band, Toe Tag and left The Accused. Guitarist and founding member, Tom Niemeyer continued on with The Accused recruiting 3 replacement members in the months following the walk-out by Cook, Alex Sibbald and Steve Nelson.

The current line-up consists of Brad Mowen, Dorando Hodous, Mike Peterson and Niemeyer, they perform and record on a regular basis. The re-vamped line-up released two new songs, 'Scotty Came Back' and 'Fuck Sorry', January 26, 2007 via their Official website, as free downloadable .MP3 files. The Accused are scheduled to record their next album for a Spring 2008 release.

The out-of-print back-catalog of The Accused's albums is slated for re-issue in 2007. Current collectors are seeing copies of these rare/out-of-print U.S. made CDs fetch hundreds of dollars each on popular auction website eBay.

The Accused is considered to be an important progenitor of the crossover style that bridged the gap between thrashcore and thrash metal, later influencing grindcore and some crust punk bands as an influential band in the Seattle alternative scene.


Current line-up

  • Vocals: Brad Mowen
  • Bass: Dorando Hodous
  • Drums: Mike Peterson
  • Guitar: Tommy Niemeyer
  • Small Triangle: Ian Huntley
  • Pink Oboe: Frankie Howard
  • Jamborine: Alex Bates


  • Dana Collins - Drums
  • John Dahlin - Vocals
  • Chibon 'Chewy' Batterman - Bass
  • Josh Sinder - Drums
  • Steve 'O Ring' Nelson - Drums
  • Blaine Cook - Vocals
  • Alex Sibbald - Bass
  • Prof. Iman A. Phid - Bass
  • Devin Karakash - Drums
  • Nick Uttech - Drums
  • Diamond Vincent - Bass


Demo Tape

  • Brain Damage 1 and 2 (Demo Cassettes, 1981-82)


  • Accused/Rejectors Split-(or)- Please Pardon Our Noise, It Is The Sound of Freedom -b/w- Through My Mind's Eye (Split LP, Fatal Erection 1983)
  • Accused/Morphius Split (Split 7 inch Single, Empty 1989)


  • Martha Splatterhead (EP, Condar 1985)
  • Hymns for the Deranged (EP, Musical Tragedies 1988)
  • Straight Razor (EP, Nastymix 1991)
  • Straight Razor (flexi-single inside comic book, Fantagraphix 1992)
  • Murder in Berkeley (Single, Smilin Ear 1993)
  • Paint It Red (Single, Transparent 2002)


  • The Return of Martha Splatterhead (Full Length, Subcore 1986, Earache 1986)
  • More Fun Than an Open Casket Funeral (Full Length, Combat 1987)
  • Martha Splatterhead’s Maddest Stories Ever Told (Full Length, Combat 1988)
  • Grinning Like an Undertaker (Full Length, Nastymix 1990)
  • Splatter Rock (Full length, Nastymix 1992)
  • Oh Martha! (Full Length, Condar 2003)


  • Criminal Record (3 disc set, 2 CDs, 1 DVD; limited to 200 copies; Condar 2005)
  • Oh Martha! + Baked Tapes CD w/ 19 Bonus tracks (Nuclear Blast GmbH 2006)
  • Oh Martha! + Baked Tapes double LP; 666 pressed (Nucl. Blast, GmbH 2006)
  • 34 Song Archives Tapes 1981-86 CD; (CONDAR 2006; #Cond002)
  • Baked Tapes CD; (CONDAR 2006, #Cond003)
  • The Archives Tapes 1981-1986 double LP, 1000 copies pressed (Unrest 2006)
  • The Baked Tapes, Rare and Unreleased Splatter Rock LP, splatter-coloured vinyl, 1000 copies pressed (Unrest 2006)
  • Oh, Martha! LP 1000 copies; (Unrest 2006)

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