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Deal or No Deal (U.S. syndicated game show)

A daytime version of Deal or No Deal, syndicated by NBC Universal Television Distribution, premiered on September 8, 2008; taping of these episodes started on May 21, 2008. The host of the primetime NBC version, Howie Mandel, is also host the weekday version, which is seen either once or twice a day, depending on market. The format is similar to the UK version of the show (and other versions in Spain, Italy, France, and India).


Deal or No Deal is played by one contestant at a time. Prior to each game, 22 dollar amounts ranging from $.01 to $500,000 are distributed by a third-party among 22 briefcases, the values unknown by the host or the Banker. The cases are then randomly presented to 22 contestants..

The game begins with models Patricia Kara and Tameka Jacobs spinning a wheel with 22 numbers on it, which corresponds to the numbers on the cases. After the spin, whatever the number the ball lands on is the case number selected. The contestant's case is then placed on a podium. The player has the opportunity to swap cases before the game begins.

Through a series of rounds, the contestant is asked to select a number of the other cases still in play; each case is opened and the value revealed before it is taken out of play, and a large electronic board is used to track which dollar amounts still remain in the game. After completing the selection of cases for that round, the Banker, a silhouette figure lit only dimly from behind in a box overlooking the stage, will call down to the host using a phone on the podium. The host will then tell the player of the Banker's "deal": a cash value that depends on of the values of the cases remaining in play, in exchange for leaving the game. The host opens a plexiglass case on the podium containing a button; if the player accepts the deal, he or she presses the button to end the game, otherwise, he or she closes the case and declares "No Deal," requiring the player to continue into the next round.

Each round progressively removes fewer cases from the game; the first round begins with five cases to be removed, the second round with five more, then four, two, two, and subsequently down to removing one case at a time. The Banker's offers typically depend on the interaction between the player and himself. Sometimes, they represent a small percentage of the average value of all the remaining cases. From round to round, that percentrage generally increases, sometimes exceeding 100% toward the end of the game. Should the player make it to the final round, with the selected case and one other case left in play, they win whatever case they end up keeping at that point. If the player takes a deal prior to the final round, the host usually encourages the player to play through to the end to see what would have happened.

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Originally, Mandel planned not to host the syndicated version, as his asking price to host it, in addition to the prime time NBC version, was considered to be outside of the production budget. Arsenio Hall was first considered to be the host, and even taped a pilot for the syndicated version, but was later passed over. According to rumors, Mark Curry and Frank Nicotero were also among the candidates. NBC also had concerns that the syndicated show would harm the primetime show, as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire had suffered from overexposure. However, the syndicated version debuted September 8, 2008, with Mandel as host.

Initially, NBC planned to package this program with the Program Partners-produced Merv Griffin's Crosswords for its first season; however, that program suspended production after its first season and the packaging plans appear to have been abandoned.


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