Mazzio's Corporation was the parent company of two restaurants: Mazzio's Italian Eatery and Zio's Italian Kitchen. In November 2007 Zio's Italian Kitchen was sold to a private company. Mazzio's began as a pizza parlor and is located throughout Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, and Illinois. It was first founded in 1961, when a young school teacher named Ken Selby opened a restaurant named The Pizza Parlor in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 1965, Selby opened a second location and changed the name to Ken's Pizza. By 1975, there were more than 100 franchise locations in and around Oklahoma. Zio's Italian Kitchen is located in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, New Mexico and Texas.

Types of Food

Mazzios is a pizza company that specializes in pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, and occasionally other specialty items such as Pepperolis. Many of the locations offer free wireless internet, and is a great place to study at, or to have a watch party for your favorite team. This particular pizza company also offers delivery at most locations as well. They are known for their Pricebuster pizzas (MeatBuster, CheeseBuster, and SupremeBuster). These are medium pizzas with your choice of crusts (Thin, Original, and Deep). There are other specialty pizzas that one can order as well: Chicken Fried Chicken, Greek, Mexican, Alfredo, Lucky 7, Chicken Club, 4 Meat, Veggie, Combo, and Works. They do not own the ken's pizza chain.

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