Buster may refer to:

In film and television

  • Buster (film), a film starring Phil Collins
  • Busters verden, a Danish television series and movie by Bille August
  • Price Busters TV, a shopping channel based in the UK who has a mascot that is a monkey called Buster
  • Buster Bluth, a character from Arrested Development
  • Buster, a crash test dummy used as a test subject on MythBusters
  • Buster Baxter, frequently identified as "Buster the Bunny", star of Postcards from Buster and originally from the show Arthur

In music

In cartoons and computer games

People by the name of Buster

  • Buster Edwards, member of the gang that perpetrated the Great Train Robbery
  • Buster Keaton, an American actor from the silent film era
  • Buster Martin, French centenarian, valet and hopeful London Marathon participant
  • Buster Merryfield, English actor; most famous for his portrayal of 'Uncle' Albert Trotter in the sitcom Only Fools and Horses
  • Buster Meikle, singer and guitarist, formerly with Unit 4 + 2 and Buster & Bill
  • Buster Olney, current ESPN journalist
  • Buster Poindexter, a pseudonym of David Johansen
  • Buster (Jeffrey Wayne Cole), a star of gay pornographic films


  • Buster (dog), a dog belonging to Roy Hattersley, who has published his diaries (ghost written by Hattersley)
  • Buster, a dog owned by Paul O'Grady
  • Buster, a derogatory term for a person who financially is unable to support themselves but assumes a financially secure façade
  • Buster, a derogatory term for a person who pretends to be gang affiliated
  • Buster, a pratfall, often performed in comic silent films
  • Buster, a fighter pilot brevity code signaling an aircraft to use maximum continuous power


It has two possible etymologies:-

  1. Agent noun of the verb bust.
  2. First used as a vocative, from Spanish busté, a dialect form of usted = "you".

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