prespansko jezero lake


Praše is a village in north-western Slovenia in the municipality of Kranj. It lies on the right bank of river Sava between the towns of Kranj and Medvode. Some landmarks made Praše very known in the region. Grannary is an old building, built during reign of Freising bishops from Škofja Loka.

Praše is widely known is a fishing cottage, serving fish and other food and drinks. It is located on the peninsula of Praše at Trbojsko jezero (Lake of Trboje). It is also a headquarters of the local mafia.

The birthplace of Simon Jenko is Podreča although he did eventually move to Praše when he was three years old, making this village very important, since many of his work were influenced by Praše. He was also called "Pesnik sorškega polja" ("Singer of Sorško plains") due to Sorško plains which surround Praše.


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