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President Kennedy School and Community College

President Kennedy School and Community College is a secondary school located in Coventry, England. President Kennedy was made a specialist Humanities College school by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust in 2005. This brought significant financial investment and set tough targets for the school's academic progression and interaction with the community. The school consequently established an open-access centre called PK Extra which features a computer suite, recording studio, Sky+ and a zone-based audio system.


The school was founded in 1966. It was originally to be called after Churchill but the asasination of President John F Kennedy during the approval stage resulted in the school being named after President John F. Kennedy and was founded in 1966. The catchment area of the School is in the northwest of Coventry and includes the Holbrooks and Whitmore Park areas of the city. The first intake of pupils were drawn from Whitemoor Secondary Modern which was subsiding and thus created the need for a new school.


Roughly 1,500 students attend the school, aged from 11 to 19. They are divided into three Key Stages. Key Stage 3 is school Year 7 to Year 9 (ages 11 to 14), Key Stage 4 is school Year 10 and Year 11 (14–16) and Key Stage 5 is Years 12 and 13 (16–19).

Each year has a Year Leader and Pastoral Officer, who is responsible for their pastoral care, discipline and general academic progression.

Teaching staff

The school has a senior leadership group comprising a Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and seven Assistant Headteachers. Each Assistant Headteacher has a specific responsibility, which are Upper School, Lower School, Teaching and Learning, Staff Development Inclusion and ICT.

There are currently over 80 teaching staff arranged into subject departments, each department is lead by a Subject Leader.


The school teaches students aged 11 to 18; this covers the English school years of 7 to 11 plus a Post-16 Centre.

Students in Key Stage 3 are taught the National Curriculum and the Coventry Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education.

For Key Stage 5, (Sixth Form) students are interviewed and are required to achieve a minimum of 5 C's at GCSE. Students will then study four AS Levels in Year 12 and three A Levels in Year 13. All students will study AS Level General Studies and will then choose which subjects to study further. The options are similar to those at GCSE.

The school established a new online portal in 2006, where students can go on teachers lessons and email them

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