Samos Prefecture

Samos Prefecture (Greek Σάμος;) consists of the islands of Samos, Ikaria and the smaller islands of Fournoi Korseon. Its capital and main passenger port is the town of Vathy, also called Samos; other harbours are the island's second most populated town of Karlovassi and Pythagoreion (called Tigani until the mid 20th century), a village in the same place as the capital of Samos during antiquity, a place of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites, on the SE coast.

The nearest airport is Samos International Airport. The airport maintains a tactical communication with Athens Int'l Eleftherios Venizelos Airport all year round and further charter flights to/from the rest of Europe during the 3 months summer holidays peak season.

The prefecture's main products include sweet Samian wine, and virgin olive oil. These two products are the main Samian exported crops. Other crops of relative significance are sun-dried figs, almonds and honey.

The prefecture is divided into the Samos Province and Ikaria Province.


Municipality YPES code Seat (if different) Postal code Area code
Agios Kirykos 4601 833 00 22750-2
Evdilos 4603 833 02 22750-3
Fournoi Korseon 4608 Fournoi 833 01 22750-5
Karlovasi 4604 832 00 22730-3
Marathokampos 4605 831 02 22730-3
Pythagoreio 4606 831 03 22730-6 through 9
Raches 4607 833 01 22750-4
Vathy/Samos 4602 831-00 22730-2

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