Todd Stottlemyre

Todd Vernon Stottlemyre (born May 20 1965 in Yakima, Washington) is a former right-handed starting pitcher in Major League Baseball who played 15 seasons for the Toronto Blue Jays, Oakland Athletics, St. Louis Cardinals, Texas Rangers and Arizona Diamondbacks. As a player, Stottlemyre carried his emotions 'on his sleeve'; that of being emotional and temperamental. He was selected by the Blue Jays out of UNLV as the third overall pick in the MLB draft.

His fastball, average (high) velocity, clocked at around 92-93 mph. Stottlemyre possessed above average control of his pitches. His style of pitching was direct; using an inside fastball to challenge opposing hitters. Furthermore, he possessed an above average slider, curveball, and later on, a splitter (adopted from teammate Dave Stewart. As an above average pitcher, Stottlemyre's presence in the Blue Jays organization made a direct contribution to the 92 & 93 world series victories. His weaknesses as a pitcher, although subject to debate, was his predictableness of confronting opposing hitters; pitches over the 'heart' of home plate; making fastballs hittable, and flat curveballs hittable. Changing speeds was not a part of his repetoire of pitches; Stottlemyre did not possess an effective 'changeup' pitch.

He is the son of Mel Stottlemyre, former New York Yankees pitcher. His brother Mel Stottlemyre, Jr. also pitched in the major leagues for the Kansas City Royals in .

While pitching for the Blue Jays in Game 4 of the 1993 World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies, Stottlemyre attempted to slide into third base while attempting to turn a double into a triple. His baserunning skills indicated inexperience; having hesitated between second and third base. The attempt, having resulted in him being thrown/tagged out while sliding head-first into third base, and scraping his chin in the process. That prompted Ed Rendell, then the mayor of Philadelphia, to ridicule Stottlemyre while also adding that he could hit his pitches. After Stottlemyre and his teammates won the Series, Stottlemyre responded to the comment at the ensuing victory rally by expressing his displeasure with the mayor by stating; "You can kiss my ass!".

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