Recommended precaution

Recommended precaution (احتياط مستحب / Ihtiyat Mustahabb) is a fiqh term, prominently used by Shi'a marjas when giving fatwas.

When Shi'a marjas give fatwas, they sometimes are not sure about the legality of some issues. In those cases, they recommend that the follower of the marja refrain from the act, in case it would indeed be haram. This is in contrast to the general term Mustahabb, where people voluntarily do or refrain from doing actions that they know they are not obliged to.

As example:

''It is a recommended precaution that even a child should not be made to sit in the toilet with its face or back facing Qibla. But if the child positions itself that way, it is not obligatory to divert it.

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