In Hinduism, Prajapati (Sanskrit प्रजापति "lord of creatures") is a Hindu deity presiding over procreation, and protector of life. He appears as a creator deity or supreme god above the other Vedic deities in RV 10.121.10 and in Brahmana literature. Vedic commentators also identify him with the creator referred to in the Nasadiya Sukta.

In later times, he is identified with Vishnu, Shiva, with the personifications of Time, Fire, the Sun, etc. He is also identified with various mythical progenitors, especially (Manu Smrti 1.34) the ten lords of created beings first created by Brahmā, the Prajapatis Marichi, Atri, Angiras, Pulastya, Pulaka, Kratu, Vasishtha, Prachetas or Daksha, Bhrigu, Nārada.

The Mahabharata mentions, in the words of celestial sage Narada, 14 Prajapatis (lit:caretakers of the Praja), namely: Daksha, Prachetas, Pulaha, Marichi, Kasyapa, Bhrigu, Atri, Vasistha, Gautama, Angiras, Pulastya, Kratu, Prahlada and Kardama who are the caretakers of the fourteen worlds - seven lokas and seven talas.

Possible Hellenic equivalent

The name of /PRA-JĀ[N]-pati/ ('progeny-potentate') is etymologically equivalent to that of the oracular god at Kolophōn (according to Makrobios), namely /PRŌto-GONos/. According to Damaskios, Prōtogonos (also known as Phanēs) had four heads, those of "a Serpent (Drakōn)... and a bull a man, and a god", while Prajā-pati is likewise reckoned as 4-headed [one each head having produced deva-s (gods), r.s.i-s (sages), pitr.-s (ancestors), and nara-s (humans), according to the Brahma-an.d.a Purān.a].

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