Practically Yours

Practically Yours is a 1944 comedic film made by Paramount Pictures, directed by Mitchell Leisen, and starring Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray.


When a young pilot, Daniel Bellamy, is presumed dead after crashbombing an enemy aircraft carrier, the footage of the crash and his presumably final reminisence of walking in the park with 'Piggy' and kissing her on the nose is sent back home. A typographical error in transcribing his words becomes a tribute to heroism, while a girl who worked in his office, Peggy, is thought to be the object of his secret love. However, Dan returns home and in order to save embarrassment for both the girl and himself, he tries to keep up the pretense. Dan reveals that he was not speaking of a girl, but in fact he meant his dog. A series of comical mishaps ensue, leading to resolution of the misunderstanding. The resolution, however, is long coming.


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