Bumper skiing

Bumperskiing (also known as bumper skiing, bumper tubing, or tube skiing) is a recreational activity similar to tubing or waterskiing. In Bumperskiing, two boat fenders, approximately 12 inches in diameter, are tied together and then towed behind a powerboat. the Bumperskiier hold each of the bumpers under his/her armpits, while the driver of the powerboat accelerates until the fenders have reached planing speed. Then, the powerboater tries to "shake" the bumperskiier from the fenders, and the bumperskiier tries to hold on for dear life. Popular boat manoeuvers include looping around through the boats wake at high speed, making rapid "s" turns, and swinging the bumperskiier through the wake of another, preferably larger, boat. The sport was invented in Bristol, Rhode Island, and should not be attempted without adult supervision.

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