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Tupac Katari Guerrilla Army

The Tupac Katari Guerrilla Army (Ejército Guerrillero Túpac Katari) is an indigenous guerrilla movement in Bolivia. The organization descends directly from the original revolutionaries trained by Che Guevara in the 1960s. Their objective is to fight for social equality in Bolivia and amongst its indigenous population. They carried out their first attack on July 5, 1991, destroying an electric power pylon in El Alto, a suburb of La Paz. Most of their attacks have been similarly small-scale. The group has confined its activities to Bolivia. The group suffered a major setback in a crackdown in 1992 when much of its leadership was neutralized through incarceration.

The group is named after Tupac Katari, colonial revolutionary.

External links

  • Profile on the group from the U.S. Navy Postgraduate School.
  • Bolivian activist website that has documents related to the Tupac Katari (in Spanish.)

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