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For the Mega Man weapon, see Mega Man 5 and Mega Man IV.

Power Stone is a fully 3D arena fighting game series made by Capcom. Power Stone was initially released on the Sega NAOMI hardware () and later ported to the Dreamcast. In February 2006 Capcom ported the entire series to the PSP with a few enhancements: most notably, the PSP version of the original Power Stone included the four new characters introduced in Power Stone 2. An anime show based on it was run in the late 1990's.

The original Power Stone featured 10 characters.


Gameplay involves selecting a character and then proceeding to battle the other characters, one at a time, in various locales. The fighting is three dimensional and includes the ability to use special attacks as well as pick up and fight with such objects as tables, chairs, rocks and bombs. During battle, "Power Stones," resembling gems of different colors, appear in the arena. If a character collects three Power Stones, he transforms into a more powerful version of himself. He will then be able to use one of two super special attacks. One is generally a massive long-range power attack and the other is a grab or close-range move. The powered-up mode only lasts until the power bar is fully drained, during which the special attack can be executed (which completely depletes the power bar) or other, lesser special moves can be executed (which only use a small portion of power). Each match continues until the life bar of one of the two characters fighting is depleted.

Power Stone 2

A sequel was created in 2000 called Power Stone 2, which featured the original cast (minus the hidden characters Kraken and Valgas) as well as several new characters.

The sequel features the same style of 3-D combat but now allows up to four players to play simultaneously. There are new maps, some of which contain multiple areas and moving sections. The sequel also features an entirely new arsenal of weapons, from futuristic handguns to gigantic mallets, and magic wands to vehicles. Players can collect these items in a special "Adventure" mode; they can then be traded at a special "Item Shop", or combined together to form new items.

Power Stone Collection

A remake of the first two games has been released for the PSP under the name Power Stone Collection. This collection contains slightly updated versions of both games on one UMD.

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