Powell, Enoch

Powell, Enoch

Powell, Enoch, 1912-98, British politician. Educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, he was a fellow there (1934-38) and professor of Greek at the Univ. of Sydney, Australia (1937-39). He entered Parliament in 1950 as a Conservative from Wolverhampton and served as minister of health (1960-63). With the Conservative defeat in 1964, he became shadow minister of defense, but was dismissed (1968) when he stirred controversy by calling for an end to nonwhite immigration into Britain. He was the leading Conservative opponent to Britain's entry into the European Community and declined to seek reelection in Feb., 1974. He returned to Parliament as an Ulster Unionist from a Northern Ireland constituency in 1974 and held his seat until 1987. He strongly supported the province's continued separation from the Irish Republic.

Enoch (from ; Ashkenazi, Jiddish: 'jHenosch' Greek: ενωχ, Enôkh; Arabic Name:إدريس, "initiated, dedicated, disciplined") is a Hebrew name.

Biblical occurrences

The Bible has several occurrences of that name:

  • Enoch, the son of Jared, a great-grandfather of Noah, and father of Methuselah (Genesis 5:1-18). It is stated in numerous Jewish, early Christian, and mediaeval Muslim sources, that he was taken away by God because he was a good man, thus avoiding death at the age of 365, and according to a few Kabbalistic sources, became known as the angel Metatron. He is also identified as the apostle Idris (Arabic: إدريس ). The only recorded words of Enoch surviving in the European Bible are his prophesying about men, whereby God shall be coming with His saints to judge and convict them (Jude 1:14-15). According to some Muslim scholars, he earned his livelihood as a tailor and is also considered to be the inventor of the eyed metal needle used in sewing. He is the protagonist of several apocryphal books of the Old Testament:
  • Enoch, son of Cain , after whom Cain named the first city he founded, is not the same Enoch son of Jared (Genesis 5:18).
  • Hanoch (Enoch), son of Reuben
  • Hanoch (Enoch), one of the five sons of Midian

Note: Enoch is often confused with Enos (or Enosh). Enos is recorded as a grandson of Adam (Genesis 5:5-6), and great grandfather of Enoch (Genesis 5:18).


Other people named Enoch include:

Fictional characters

  • Enoch Hopper, highly-strung boy in Ithaca, California, from The Human Comedy by William Saroyan
  • Enoch Root, a recurring character in Neal Stephenson's novels Cryptonomicon and The Baroque Cycle
  • Hanoch, a villain in the Star Trek episode "Return to Tomorrow"
  • Enoch, the leader of a fictional criminal organization in the animated series, Ben 10
  • Enoch Emery appears in The Peeler by Flannery O'Connor and in O'Connor's Enoch and the Gorilla, a short story that eventually became part of O'Connor's first novel, Wise Blood.
  • Enoch Snow, a supporting lead role in Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical "Carousel"
  • Metatron, the regent to The Authority, is said to have once been Enoch, the son of Jared, in Phillip Pullman's The Amber Spyglass, the third book in the His Dark Materials trilogy.


Other occurences

  • Enochian, an occult language and script
  • Katherine Enoch, extensively written about in A Cornish Shopkeeper's Diary (R Glynn, 1843) as someone who loved a drink, leading to the author's expression of drunken abandonment 'I was enoched, not a muscle would move nor the gods awaken me.'
  • Enoch Linux, a Linux distribution later renamed Gentoo Linux
  • U. S. President Calvin Coolidge owned a goose named Enoch
  • Henoch-Schönlein purpura, a disease


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