pounds the pavement

Beneath the Pavement...

Beneath the Pavement... is the second album by Hoodlum Priest. the album was only limited to 1200 copies, and is very hard to find. This album is somewhat different from the debut as it has no more rapping on the tracks, and has a more trip hop influenced element. The some of the tracks was produced by Raymond Watts of KMFDM fame, Howard Gray Of Apollo 440 and even Harley Davidson. due to the controversy that surrounded Caucasian's B-side Cop Killer a new version which was made and Derek said he apparently made 'on a night when two cops had been shot' was included in the song "Semtex Revolution".

Track listing

  1. Rev.
  2. Semtex Revolution
  3. Radio K.I.L.L.
  4. Scanning
  5. Rev. (Roxy Mix)
  6. Capital Of Pain
  7. The Hammer Speaks

Samples Used:

"Capital Of Pain"

"Reign in Hell" - taken from The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

"Cop Killer"

"He's a cop killer."
"Cops don't like me, so I don't like cops."
"I don't like cops..and they don't like me."
"I'm cashing you out!"
"Get them before they get you!"
"Okay, I get a kick out of it."
- taken from Robocop

"'You don't like cops do you?' 'Huh... no!'"
- taken from the movie Colors (film)

"You're Dead, Honey"
-taken from The Terminator


"Listen you fuckers, you screwheads, here is a man who would not take it anymore, a man who stood up against the scum(*), the cunts, the dogs, the filth, the shit, here is someone who stood up!"*
- taken from Taxi Driver (Note: * = Roxy Mix)

"open your mind"
- taken from Total Recall


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