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Potidaea, ancient city, NE Greece, at the narrowest point of the Pallene (now Kassándra) peninsula in Chalcidice (now Khalkidhikí). It was a Corinthian colony (c.600 B.C.) but joined the Athenian-dominated Delian League. Potidaea revolted (432) against Athens with Corinthian help, providing one of the incitements to the Peloponnesian War. Athens recaptured (430 or 429) the city. Philip II of Macedon took (356) Potidaea and may have destroyed it in the ensuing war. Rebuilt by Cassander, the city was named Cassandreia.
Potidaea (Greek: Ποτίδαια Potidaia, modern transliteration: Potidea) was a colony founded by the Corinthians around 600 BCE in the narrowest point in Pallene (now Kassandra) in the western point of Chalcidice in what was known as Thrace. Potidaea maintained trade with Macedonia.

While besieged by the Persians in 479 BC, the town was saved by the earliest recorded tsunami in history. Herodotus reports how the Persians attackers who tried to exploit an unusual retreat of the water were suddenly surprised by "a great flood-tide, higher, as the people of the place say, than any one of the many that had been before".

During the Delian League conflicts occurred between Athens and Corinth. However, the Corinthians sent a supreme magistrate each year. Potidaea was inevitably involved in all of the conflicts between Athens and Corinth.

The people revolted against the Athenians in 432 BCE, but it was besieged during the Peloponnesian War and taken in the Battle of Potidaea in 430 BCE. The Athenians preserved the city until 404 BCE, when it was passed into Chalcidice.

The Athenians retook the city in 363 BCE, but in 356 BCE Potidaea fell into the hands of Philip II of Macedon. Potidaea was destroyed and her territory handed to the Olynthians. Cassander built a city in the same site and was named Cassandreia.

The modern settlement of Nea Potidea is near this ancient site.



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