Southern Hustlas Inc.

Southern Hustlas Inc. is a quickly rising underground southern rap group.

The group was originally started in Covington, Georgia, by Smokey Rameriz and another rapper, T-Slim during their high school years. Around 2002 TURNCOAT DIRTY (now Boondox of Psychopathic Records in Detroit, Michigan) was included into the group, then after a brief hiatus Mr. Produk (previously known as Czar Skills) was also added, and the group began a very vigorous recording period.

The group now consists of Smokey Rameriz (rapper, producer, founder, engineer), Mr. Produk (rapper, public relations), T-Slim rapper, co-founder), Dough Boy (rapper, manager), C. Worthy (music programmer), and Potgun Jon (co-management, promotions). Now, SHI is a whole independent record label, as well as the main entity of the label. SHI has performed in countless venues throughout the southeast and midwest of the United States. Also on the label (or formerly on the label): Killa Klick, Young N Mob, Gs N Thugs, Boondox, Taylormade Productions, and Rustic.

SHI has released: eight demos, three mixtapes, three EPs, six solo LPs and three full length group LPs. SHI has also been featured on many, various compilations and underground artists recordings.

SHI has worked or performed with industry level names such as: Young Bloodz, Haystak, Twiztid, Too Short, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Charlie P, Killa C, Jagged Edge, Prozac and Madness from Bedlam, Bizarre, King Gordy, Sonny P (Street Flavor Records) and many more.

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