A Postbus is a public bus service that is operated as part of local mail delivery. As a means to provide public transport in rural areas with lower levels of patronage where a normal bus service is uneconomic Postbus services are run by the postal delivery company and combine the functions of public transport and mail delivery/collection. A standard passenger fare is payable to the driver/postie.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom postbus services by Royal Mail began in 1967 to replace rapidly declining local bus and rail services in rural areas and provide a community service. As of 2006 more than 200 services are operated by Royal Mail, often only once or twice a day but in some areas are the only form of public transport available. Key areas include the Scottish Highlands and Islands, Yorkshire Dales and South West Scotland.


In Germany, the postbus system is known as Kraftpost.


In Switzerland, the postbus system is known as PostBus.


In Austria, the postbus system is known as Postbus.

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