Possibly Maybe

"Possibly Maybe" is a song by Björk, released as the fifth single from her 1995 album Post. It is a dark song reflecting on potential love with deep electronic tones and soft beats. Björk says it was "the first unhappy song I wrote... I felt ashamed writing a song that was not giving hope".

Interviewed for the DVD The Directors Label "The Work of Director: Stéphane Sednaoui" webpage, Björk's confirmed that the song is about the relationship with Stéphane Sednaoui who had previously directed her video for "Big Time Sensuality". Ironically or possibly as a culmination of the ideas of the song, Stéphane directed the music video.

The video shows Björk in a variety of different rooms in an apartment. She is primarily shown in a large, stylish bedroom with modern décor. These scenes are intercut with shots in ultra-violet lighting (which subsequently causes everything to appear in day-glo colours). She is also shown in three other rooms: submerged in the bathtub of a bathroom; an Asian-themed room; and a room full of stereo equipment. These scenes are intercut with an angelic image of her dressed all in white, floating out of a blue sky with the sun behind her. The majority of objects appearing in the video were Björk's own.

There were three different single releases, two of which are a rarities in the music world in that the A-side is not the first track.

Single track listing

(193TP7CD; Released: 1996)

  1. "Possibly Maybe" - 5:04
  2. "Possibly Maybe" (Lucy Mix) - 3:03
  3. "Possibly Maybe" (Calcutta Cyber Cafe Mix) - 5:33
  4. "Possibly Maybe" (Dallas Austin Mix) - 4:50

(193TP7CDL; Released: 21 October, 1996)

  1. "Cover Me" (Dillinja Mix) - 6:22
  2. "One Day" (Trevor Morais Mix) - 7:01
  3. "Possibly Maybe" (Calcutta Cyber Cafe Dub Mix) - 4:56
  4. "I Miss You" (Photek Mix) - 5:53

(193TP7CDT; Released: 1996)

  1. "Big Time Sensuality" (Plaid Mix) - 5:21
  2. "Vísur Vatnsenda-Rósu" (Traditional folk song. Produced by Hector Zazou) - 4:20
  3. "Possibly Maybe" (Live) - 4:53
  4. "Hyperballad" (Over the Edge Mix) (Live) - 4:56

UK CD Promo
(193TP7CDR; Released: 28 October, 1996)

  1. "Possibly Maybe" (Radio Edit) - 3:28

UK 12" Vinyl
(193TP12TD; Released: August, 1996; Limited Edition)

Side A

  1. "Possibly Maybe" (Calcutta Cyber Cafe Mix)

Side B

  1. "I Miss You" (Dobie Rub Part One - Sunshine Mix)

UK 12" Vinyl
(193TP12DM; Released: September, 1996)

Side A

  1. "Enjoy" (The Beats Mix) - 6:57

Side B

  1. "Possibly Maybe" (Lucy Remix) - 3:03

UK 12" Vinyl
(193TP12MO; Released: 1997)

Side A

  1. "Possibly Maybe" (Lucy Remix) - 3:03

Side B

  1. "Enjoy" (Further Over The Edge Mix) - 4:19


  • Calcutta Cyber Cafe mix
  • Calcutta Cyber Cafe dub mix/Talvin Singh dub/acid mix
  • Dallas Austin mix
  • Lucy mix
  • Radio edit
  • Telegram Mix


  • A sample of this song was used in the bumpers for VH1's 'Insomniac Music Theater' late night music video block from the song's release until the program was cancelled in 2005 and renamed 'Nocturnal State'.
  • DJ Shadow sampled this song for the track Mutual Slump from Endtroducing..... album.


Chart Peak
UK Singles Chart 13

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