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List of As Told by Ginger Characters

As Told By Ginger was a show that aired from October 2000-November 2006 (although a few episodes remain unaired in the United States. In these episodes came many different characters.

The Foutleys

Ginger Foutley

Ginger Foutley (voiced by Melissa Disney) is a typical Jr. high school girl. She has never been considered popular until Courtney Gripling, the most popular girl at Lucky Jr. High decided that Ginger could become a close friend to her. Courtney uses Ginger as a door to how things work outside the world of popularity. But it isn't long after Ginger's fifteen minutes of fame that Courtney's right-hand woman, Miranda Killgallen, puts Ginger back in her place, bottom-of-the-barrel geek. But Ginger has loyal friends that always catch her when she falls. Inside Ginger's family, however, is a different story. Ginger's mother, single mom and nurse, is always trying to let Ginger learn from her mistakes, but most of the time, Ginger is too embarrassed to listen to her mother's good reasoning. Ginger's little brother, Carl, often uses Ginger as a guinea pig for his experiments and twisted schemes. But it has happened so much that she can almost predict when he's up to something. She doesn't know much about her father, who left her family shortly after Carl was born. In Hello Stranger she invited him to a poem reading she was doing at school. He didn't respond to the invite, but she was convinced he'd show anyway, which he didn't. Then in An 'Even Steven' Holiday Special, Jonas returned to the family after seeing Carl on the street while he was playing Santa Clause. Although he never found his way back into the family officially, he occasionally pops up to offer Ginger some fatherly advice. Ginger is an excelling student. She describes herself as a "science geek" and is a kiss-up to her chemistry teacher, Mr. Celia. In The'A' Ticket, her crush, Ian Richton, who was paired up with her as a lab partner, used her to get an A so he could stay on the soccer team. Ginger also does well in English. Her natural talent for writing (poetry, particularly) has quickly made her a favorite of her teacher, Ms. Zorski. Ginger once wrote a poem entitled "And Then She Was Gone" (in the episode And She Was Gone), which concerned Ms. Zorski and got her sent to the school counselor. Ginger's love life hasn't been very successful in the past. Ginger's original crush in the series was on Ian Richton. This crush presumably ended when he used her to get an A in science (as mentioned). Perhaps the most special relationship she's had was with her good friend, Darren. In Dare I, Darren? Ginger began looking at her close friend and neighbor, Darren, differently after Miranda suggested they'd make a good couple. Later in Never Can Say Goodbye, she develops a physical attraction to Darren after he gets his orthodontia removed. She then gives off a jealous vibe after Darren agrees to date Miranda. Finally, in Foutley's On Ice (Part 3), Ginger and Darren became an official couple. But when they reached high school, Darren cheated on Ginger, leaving her with a broken heart. She then found comfort in a new friend, Orion. She and Orion never have an official relationship, but more of a flirtatious friendship. However in the series finale, The Wedding Frame (Part 3), Ginger 'takes the leap' and is shown with Orion at her mothers wedding. However, at the end of the episode, she not only has a wedding ring but Darren is holding a baby that looks like her. Hence, the implication is that she and Darren are married.Other notable relationships Ginger has had are with Sasha, a boy she met at camp. She left camp on good terms with Sasha, but when she visited him at his school in Ginger's Solo, he tells her he has a girlfriend. In Heat Lightning, when she returns to camp, she gets mixed feelings about Sasha but eventually fell back into the arms of Darren.

  • Ginger considers herself one-fourth Jewish, as one of her grandfathers was Jewish.

Carl Foutley

Ginger's disgusting little brother is Carl Foutley (voiced by Jeannie Elias). He is in the fourth grade in the first season. He and his sidekick, Hoodsey Bishop, have a hideout in a dog house out in the Foutleys' back yard. There, they hatch all their schemes, plan many adownfall. Most of their schemes include Blake Gripling, Courtney's brother. While Blake is always trying to get on Carl's good side, Carl doesn't take his chances and humiliates Blake whenever possible. The one thing the two have in common, however, is a petrified eyeball. Originally, it belonged to Carl, but the two have been stealing it from each other throughout the series. Carl's catch phrase is "classified." He is always careful never to reveal too much information for his latest plans, even if he needs to ask someone for something to do it. But, as stated, his plans always originate in his dog house. This dog house originally belonged to their dog, Monster. But Monster ran away many years prior the start of the show. In the series finale, Monster returns to the Foutley family. There has only been one true love for Carl in the show- Noelle. Originally, Noelle was just a nobody that Carl used to test his disappearing powder on. As he studies the progress of his experiments, he realised what a truly weird girl Noelle was. The two developed a relationship in And She Was Gone.

Lois Foutley

Single mother and full-time nurse Lois Foutley (voiced by Laraine Newman) is just thankful she can afford the house she and her children live in. Although she is a nurturing mother to Ginger and Carl, she is never too quick to put her foot down. In Kiss and Make-up, Ginger, Dodie, and Macie create their own make-up using crayons, pudding, and other household ingredients. Lois became furious because she told Ginger she was too young to wear makeup, and without hearing Ginger's point of view, she grounded her. As for Carl, Lois feels that it's best not to know. Lois was married once to Jonas Foutley, who divorced her shortly after Carl's birth. Lois didn't start her love life back up until TGIF, when she and the plumber, Buzz, develop a flirtatious relationship. In Ms. Foutley's Boys, Buzz and his three sons become a constant annoyance in the household, giving everything "a man's touch". And although he uses the excuse "boys will be boys" for being downright disgusting, Lois broke it off with him. She then began seeing a coworker from the hospital, Dr. David Dave. He proposed to her in About Face and they got married in the series final, The Wedding Frame.

Jonas Foutley

Jonas (voiced by Tom Virtue) left the Foutley family shortly after the birth of his second and final child with Lois, Carl. Ginger never had any fond or clear memories of her father, and all her pictures of him are mostly of his feet. In Hello Stranger, she receives a graduation card from him (a few months late, however). She calls the number on the card and invites him to hear her read a poem in the school arts fair. Although he never returns her call, she convinces herself that he will show up. Lois, however, had a different opinion. As she was in the hospital at the time of Ginger's performance, she has sunflowers sent to the school with a card signed "Dad". But Ginger figures that Lois sent the flowers and her father let her down. In An 'Even Steven' Holiday Special, Jonas is shown as having a job as Santa Claus, standing on the street corner, collecting money. He sees Carl on the street and after Hoodsey (who thinks he's really Santa) tells him that Carl doesn't believe in him because his only wish, to have his father home for Christmas, never comes true, he decides to pay the family a visit. After that, he became a fatherly figure to Ginger and Carl. In Losing Nana Bishop, Ginger takes a walk with her father to discuss her grandmother, who she never really knew. Jonas has been known as an animal lover and has a pet dog named Ben.

Dr. David Dave

Although not an official Foutley, Dr. Dave became Lois' second husband and Ginger and Carl's stepfather in season three. He had always worked side-by-side with Lois at the hospital. Throughout the series, there have been hints of him having an innocent crush on Lois. The two presumably starting dating in Ms. Foutley's Boys and he proposed in About Face. His mother does not approve of their relationship and in The Wedding Frame hired someone to sabotage it.

The Bishops

Deirdre "Dodie" Hortense Bishop

One of Ginger's closest friends is Dodie Bishop (voiced by Aspen Miller). She is a chatterbox and lives and breathes recycled gossip. She is often updating Ginger on the latest happenings with the popular group or modern romance. Perhaps her most noticeable quality is her need to feel popular. In the beginning of the series, Courtney referred to her as "Potie" and hardly acknowledged her existence. In Of Lice & Friends, Dodie becomes the school announcer. She revamps the morning announcements to include some of the gossip she's dug up. This made her the talk of many popular kids as she knew things that Miranda admits to not knowing about. Later, as Courtney grew closer to Ginger, she began to realise more of Dodie. Dodie has been known as somewhat of a drama queen. She is easily hurt and fooled into thinking that she's been betrayed. When Dodie is the school announcer, she reads half of the restricted lice-infested kids over the loudspeaker. Ginger is able to stop her from reading the rest of the list, which included Courtney's name. Dodie thinks that Ginger is jealous of her new status before realising that she, herself, had gone overboard. In Love With a Proper Transfer Student, Ginger and Dodie both have a crush on Joaquine and both go up for the lead part in the school musical in hopes for a stage kiss with Joaquine. When Ginger lands the role and their rehearsal stage kiss turns into a passionate one, Dodie feels betrayed. But Dodie always comes around to her senses. When she enters high school, Dodie becomes the equipment manager for the cheerleaders, maybe even hoping to find better gossip.

Robert Joseph "Hoodsey" Bishop

Robert Joseph "Hoodsey" Bishop (voiced by Tress MacNeille) is Carl's doding sidekick and Dodie's little brother. He is extremely gullible and believes anything someone tells him. He never offers any ideas for Carl's plots, but always offers loopholes. He is a complete mama's boy. He is always reciting things he learned from his mother, whether it be advice or basic rules of life. Hoodsey's coat rack is filled with nothing but purple hooded sweatshirts, which is why he has the nickname Hoodsey. Hoodsey also has a mission before him. Get Carl to do the right thing.

Joann Bishop

Joann Bishop (voiced by Susan Krebs) is Dodie and Hoodsey's mother and has never been the happiest person in Sheltered Shrubs. Her main cause of discomfort is most likely Carl Foutley. She does not approve of Hoodsey's friendship with Carl. Joann and Lois, too, don't always see eye-to-eye, but she has no apparent problem with Ginger. When Joann lands a substitute teaching job at Dodie's school in About Face, she does her best to get Courtney's group to accept her by adopting the alias of "Josie". Dodie later finds out that in high school, Joann was voted "Missed Popularity" while her classmate, the true Josie, was voted "Miss Popularity". Joann's a bossy controll freak and a know-it-all. She insists on calling Dodie and Hoodsey by their real names. Joann hates being called "Jo-Jo".

David Charles Bishop

Dodie and Hoodsey's father, Dave Bishop (voiced by John Astin in season one and Dan Castellaneta in seasons two and three) almost always appears to be on the couch, though an important enough cause (such as a death in the family) will raise him. He and Hoodsey watch the weather channel together and he is a fan of game shows.

The Lightfoots

Macie Lightfoot

Ginger's other best friend is Macie. Macie is in a constant state of panic, as she is allergic to everything and fears change. She, out of Ginger, Dodie, and herself, is the geekiest. She has an endless array of knowledge and still favors kid situations rather than the teenaged ones she should be involved in. In Come Back Little Seal Girl, Macie, Dodie, and Ginger agree on doing a skit devoted to The Little Seal Girl, a heroine from their childhood for their school talent show. When Dodie and Ginger back out because it's too juvenile, Macie goes solo, stating that her friends are betraying her and the Seal Girl they've lived by for their whole lives. She ends up winning the talent show. In Family Therapy, Macie's parents forget about her thirteenth birthday, and to make it up to her, they bought her a swingset, which she outgrew years ago but thought was amazing. Ginger comments on it, suggesting that Macie set them straight, to which Macie says it's none of her business. She eventually learns that it is time to grow up. Macie already knew Dodie when they both met Ginger in fifth grade. And at the start of Jr High she would have been perfectly happy keeping everything the way it was. Macie wasn't eager to grow up fast. Her birthday is April 22nd.

Bobby and Bobbie Lightfoot

Macie's father is Bobby Lightfoot, Ph.D (voiced by Michael McKean). Her mother is Bobbie Lightfoot, Ph.D (voiced by Mary Gross). Their names and jobs aren't the only things that are similar between the two. They both forgot their own daughter's birthday in Family Therapy, and ended up treating her ten years younger than she truly was.

The Pattersons

Darren Patterson

Ginger's long-time friend and nextdoor neighbor Darren Patterson (voiced by Kenny Blank) is an honorary member of Ginger's inner circle of friends. He is calm, reliable and down to earth. Although not really a geek, Darren's unwieldy orthodontia was a serious strain on his popularity. His other main issue is that his brother Will and his father, both loud, tough and into sports, think he's way too soft. All this began to change however when he got his headgear off and became an instant popular hunk. He has briefly dated Miranda and at one time he thought Courtney was after him, both times putting Ginger in an awkward position. He declares his love for Ginger when she moved away in Far From Home, after which they became a couple. But their relationship hit some bumps and Darren ditched Ginger for an older cheerleader, Simone. This hurt Ginger in such a way that she wants to cut him out of her life entirely. As of the series finale, Darren and Simone were still dating, but in a sneak peak into the future more is revealed.

Will Patterson

Darren's older brother and main tormentor Will Patterson (voiced by Guy Torry) has the opposite school status as his brother does. He is one of the most popular kids at the high school. He has a group of girls that follow him around school and is the football star on the field. He takes his role as older brother very seriously. In The Right Stuff, Macie is throwing a pool party for her advanced French class (of which Will is a student of). When Will sees Darren, he picks him up and throws him into the pool, even after Darren claims that he'll rust (referring to his headgear). He sometimes offers brotherly advice, however. In The Wedding Frame he gives Darren a little advice on how to handle his devastated relationship with Ginger. But he quickly turns the conversation to center around himself. Also, in Fast Reputation, Ginger, Dodie, and Macie crash a party that Will is chugging sodas at. In New Girl in Town, Ginger asks Will to come to a party she's throwing for the new girl, but he refuses until he finds out it's in a morgue.

Mr. Patterson

Darren and Will's father (voiced by Billy Brown) is known for his head noogies. In Hello Stranger, he gives Ginger a head noogie to congratulate her on her poem. He claims that his head noogies worked for him when he was trying to get a date with Mrs. Patterson in Foutley's On Ice.

Mrs. Patterson

Darren and Will's mother (voiced by Ja'net DuBois) is only seen a couple of times in the whole series. In Never Can Say Goodbye, she shouted for joy when she saw her baby boy (Darren) without his headgear on. In the series finale, she seemed ticked off with her two sons after she found out that she was supposed to receive an invitation to the Foutley's wedding, but never actually did.

The Griplings

Courtney Gripling

Courtney Gripling (voiced by Liz Georges), is the most popular girl at Lucky Jr. High. She is the typical ditz, not bright and blonde, but she always had an interest as to how things worked in the world of middle class citizens (for example, there was an instance where she was puzzled to how a vacuum cleaner works). Courtney took a liking to Ginger early on in the series. She liked seeing how Ginger would survive if put in an all-popular kids setting. To her surprise, Ginger could manage. Courtney then became increasingly close to Ginger. In Mommie Nearest, Courtney's mother has to stay in the hospital after she gets an infection from a face lift. Courtney then spends more time with Ginger's mom, Lois, as a temporary replacement. It results in Courtney staying a few nights in Ginger's home. Ginger quickly gets jealous of the natural mother-daughter relationship Courtney and Lois have. In Fair to Cloudy, Ginger invited Darren to the county fair without consulting her normal companions, Dodie and Macie. Dodie then retaliates by inviting Courtney. At the fair, Courtney, as Ginger put it, "has to try everything", as she is intrigued that such a lifestyle exists. In another episode, Courtney helped Ginger by revealing the plans to sabotage Ginger's relationship with Darren. However, even Ginger receives the occasional "Courtney-ism", considering that Courtney has a whole group of friends to manage. Closest of those friends to Courtney is her right-hand woman, Miranda, who doesn't approve of the friendship between Courtney and Ginger. Courtney's group seems to approve of her leader status. However, in No Hope for Courtney, a girl named Hope takes on Courtney's position, leaving Courtney in a social slump. In the end, Courtney reclaims her position as leader and Hope becomes one of her many followers. Courtney's main love interest throughout the show is Darren's older brother, Will. In The Wedding Frame, Courtney's father is caught for insider trading and the Griplings are forced to move out of their rich lifestyle and into middle class.

  • This is another example of an extremely wealthy girl (Courtney) who seems to attend a public school for unknown reasons (another example is Rhonda from the show Hey Arnold!). Courtney's brother, Blake, also attends a public school.
  • Courtney sometimes refers to Macie as "Stacey" or "Kacey" and Dodie as "Potie."
  • The girls in Courtney's inner circle (not all at once) have included Courtney, Miranda, Mipsy, Missy, Mindy, Traci, Stacey, Kacie, Donna, Diva, Dinah, Heather, Lonnie, Ginger, and Hope.

Blake Gripling

Blake Gripling (voiced by Kath Soucie) is Courtney's younger brother. Deep down he wants to be Carl's best friend. But as Carl turns him down time after time, he tries to best the youngest Foutley whenever he can. Blake has a dislike for Hoodsey (whom he sometimes refer to as 'Woodsey') and doesn't get along too well with his sister Courtney. Winston, the butler of the Griplings, is something of a father figure to Blake and often involved in his schemes.

Claire Gripling

Prestigious and elegant Claire Gripling (voiced by Candi Milo) is mother to Courtney and Blake. She believes in spoiling her children. It has been revealed that she and Courtney take a trip to Paris each spring to see the new fashions. Still, Claire has a lot to learn about being a good person. In Trouble in Gal Pal Land, Claire agrees to have Hoodsey pose as a street urchin who she took in so she could win the election to be a board member of the country club.

Prescott Gripling

As Ginger learns in TGIF, Prescott Gripling (voiced by Sam McMurray) never missed a meal- literally! Dinner at the Griplings doesn't start unless he is on loudspeaker on the telephone as they eat. In The Wedding Frame, he was discovered as to being an insider trader and all his family's money was gone. He is the father of Courtney and Blake.


Faithful butler to the Griplings and sidekick to Blake, Winston (voiced by John Kassir) is more of a fatherly figure to Courtney and Blake than Prescott ever was. He is often involved in Blake's latest schemes to ruin/befriend Carl Foutley (who he called "Master Carl").

The Killgallens

Miranda Killgallen

Courtney's right-hand woman, Miranda Killgallen (voiced by Cree Summer), is often Ginger's main opponent on the show. Apart from being totally different personalities, Miranda's dislike for Ginger mainly stems from her fear that 'Foutley' may replace her as Courtney's best friend. On top of that, both Miranda and Ginger have a romantic interest in Ian Righton. Miranda has thwarted Ginger by all means possible, including manipulation (Dare I, Darren), blackmail (Cry Wolf), false accusations (I Spy A Witch, Ginger The Juvey), backstabbing (Wicked Game) and bribery (Far From Home). At times, however, even 'tough girl' Miranda is shown to have her weak sides. On more than one occasion it's illustrated that she has a difficult relationship with her strict parents and in Trouble In Gal-Pal Land, she's left isolated after Courtney ditches her. Apart from her viciousness, Miranda's trademark are her sniping, sarcastic comments.

  • The character of Miranda was originally white, as seen in the unaired pilot episode. Her skin color was changed to black when Cree Summer got the role of Miranda.

Officer Killgallen

Miranda's father (voiced by Richard McGonagle) is a police officer. Miranda used this to her advantage when, in Ginger the Juvey, she convinced Ginger to steal a sign outside of a bank to give as a gift to Courtney, and then called her father to report the robbery. In Summer of Camp Caprice, he runs a military camp where Miranda and Darren are students.

Mrs. Killgallen

It has never been clear if a Mrs. Killgallen even exists as she has never been mentioned. When Macie asks Miranda if she had ever said anything nice to her mom and dad (in Trouble in Gal Pal Land), Miranda doesn't act as if the question is out of the ordinary. Also Miranda refers to 'her parents' in Ginger's Solo, so it can be assumed Mirand's mother is alive and well.

The Higsbys

Brandon Higsby and Mr. Licorice

Brandon Higsby (voiced by Grey Delisle) is an annoying classmate of Carl. He is extremely hyper, always happy, and considers Carl and Hoodsey his closest friends. In actuality, he has no friends, but his parents think he's popular. His only true friend seems to be Mr. Licorice (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker), his pet monkey that is a hand-me-down from his older brother, Stuart. However, Mr. Licorice doesn't seem to like Brandon all that much.

Stuart Higsby

Stuart Higsby (Chris Marquette) is the savior to all forgetful and lazy kids at Lucky Jr. High. He runs a business in the boys' bathroom where people can purchase pre-written book reports from him at a reasonable price. Darren one time became a customer of his when Ginger was blackmailed into writing Miranda's report in Cry Wolf. He owns a monkey, named Mr. Licorice, who he eventually gives to his little brother, Brandon.

Mr. and Mrs. Higsby

Mr. and Mrs. Higsby (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker and Sally Struthers, respectively) are Brandon and Stuart's parents. While Mrs. Higsby is in charge of making sure shoes are taken off, feet are off the furniture, and little boys don't become hyperactive, Mr. Higsby is in charge of recording everything with his trusty video camera.

Teachers and School Staff

Principal Milty

Principal Milty (voiced by Jerry Houser) has swung back and forth from being principal of Lucky Elementary to being principal of Lucky Jr. High. He has a dog, named The Dutchess, that Carl and Hoodsey became good friends with when they trained her in The Nurses' Strike.

Ms. Zorski

Ms. Zorski (voiced by Elizabeth Halpern) is Ginger's English teacher. She is a constant inspiration and supporter of Ginger's natural writing talent. In And She Was Gone, Ms. Zorski let Ginger know that she loved the poem she had written before she added that it concerned her. She has a cousin, also named Ms. Zorski (voiced by Shawana Kemp), who teaches at the high school. Ginger learns that the two have completely different teaching styles. Even after Ginger graduated Jr. High she stays in touch with Ms. Zorski.

  • Elizabeth Halpern died of liver cancer.
  • Emily Kapnek, the creator, based the character of Ms. Zorski off of one of her own teachers.

Mrs. Gordon

(Deceased) Carl's teacher, Elain Gordon (voiced by Kathleen Freeman) is not the most patient woman. She has no tolerance for Carl's behavior and often finds herself sending him out into the hall. She is also the victim of some of Carl's pranks. One was so bad that it drove her to retirement in No Hope For Courtney. Although she promised Carl that she would come back, she passed on shortly after. carl actually cried at the end of the episode so you know that mrs. gordon was pretty much everybody's favourite teacher.

  • The episode No Hope For Courtney was dedicated to Kathleen Freeman, who died of lung cancer on August 23, 2001 at age 82.

Mr. Hepper

Mr. Hepper (voiced by Andre Ware) is the music teacher of Carl and Hoodsey. Because of his teaching subject and laid back style, he's a favourite of the two boys. After Mrs. Gordon passed away, Hepper also took over her classes. After school, he plays in a jazz trio.

Mr. Celia

The science teacher at Lucky Jr High, Mr. Celia teaches chemistry and biology. He is Ginger's second favourite teacher after Ms. Zorski. With Ginger one of the few students to attain his high standards, she's also a favourite of him. Celia has an ongoing struggle with the school board over funding.

  • Lewis Arquette died of heart failure on February 10, 2001 at age 65. The episode Piece of My Heart was dedicated to him.


Ian Richton

Ian Richton (voiced by Adam Wylie) is the school's soccer star and major hottie, but isn't that smart. He is the perfect man in the eyes of both Ginger and Miranda. When in The A Ticket he is assigned to work with Ginger during chemistry classes, he let her do all the work. Ginger mistakes his enthusiasm for something else and it takes a wake-up call from Darren for her to realize she's being used. It has also been revealed that Ian has been raised by his single father. After voice actor Adam Wylie quit the cast at the end of season 1 and Ginger got over Ian in Summer Of Camp Caprice, he had no more speaking roles. Nevertheless Ian can often been seen on school grounds and even moves on with Ginger to high school.

Melissa 'Mipsy' Mipson

Most likely the third most popular girl at Lucky Jr. High is Mipsy Mipson (voiced by Sandy Fox). She appears to be closest to Miranda and shares her hate for Ginger. She helps Miranda play a prank on Ginger in Sleep On It to make Ginger wet her sleeping bag. In Foutley's On Ice, she pays off her uncle to accept Ginger as a new student for a writing academy and convinced her cousin, also a Mipson, to take on a new persona (Thea) and convince Ginger to stay full time. When Ginger returns to Lucky Jr. High in Wicked Game, Mipsy and Miranda trick Dodie and Macie into helping them get Darren and Ginger to break-up. Not much else is known about Mipsy. It has been suggested that she comes from a wealthy family and that if Ginger got too close to Courtney, Mipsy would be the most likely to be bumped down on the popularity chart.

  • In the TV movie, Far From Home, Mipsy claims to have a Bat Mitzvah bank account. But in Family Therapy, when Mipsy turns 13, she has a party rather than a Bat Mitzvah. Note that this may have to do with the broken continuity in the second season: it is never clear whether the girls are in seventh or eighth grade but when Chet Zipper announces their birthdays, he says they're turning "the big one-three". (However, some Jewish girls celebrate their Bat Mitzvah when they are 12.)

Chet Zipper

Chet Zipper (voiced by Hope Levy) is a commoner among the students at Lucky Jr. High. Although Courtney knows who he is, his status as school announcer doesn't earn him much popularity status. He speaks in a dull monotone voice and puts words like "uh", "like", and "um" in between each word. He has been a suggested love interest for Dodie. In Piece of My Heart, they are seen dancing together at the school dance. In the series finale, Chet and Dodie are shown as a married couple.


  • After Ginger's emotional heart-break with Darren, Ginger found comfort in Orion (voiced by Justin Cowden). The two share a boyfriend-girlfriend-like relationship, but Ginger says that she doesn't want a boyfriend. He is the drummer of the band that Ginger is a part of. In The Wedding Frame the two have a rough time getting past Ginger's new curiosity about Darren, but Ginger quickly gets over it.
  • When Darren felt that his relationship with Ginger wasn't fresh, he cheated on her with cheerleader Simone (voiced by Erica Luttrell). Darren and Ginger break up and she and Darren stay together. In The Wedding Frame, Darren seems to be caught up in Ginger. She turns to Miranda for advice, since Miranda is an expert on both Ginger and Darren. Miranda inspires her to go get her man.
  • Ginger met Sasha (voiced by J. Evan Bonifant) at Camp Caprice. The two developed crushes on each other, but when Sasha heard Courtney talking about Ginger and Ian, he becomes jealous and feels betrayed. However, when Ginger leaves camp, she and Sasha are on good terms. In Ginger's Solo, the school band is going to Sasha's school in Heathered Hills to perform. Ginger uses this opportunity to see Sasha again, but is crushed when he tells her he already has a girlfriend. Then, the next summer, in Heat Lightning, Ginger returns to camp. She imagines she sees Sasha and feels bad that she's obsessing over him and not thinking about her boyfriend, Darren. When he sends a message to Ginger asking her to meet him on the beach, she does. But it turns out he "just wanted to say 'hey'", not get a date. Ginger realizes that she doesn't want Sasha for a boyfriend, what she wanted were the feelings she had when she first met him.
  • Noelle Sussman also kissed Hoodsey in the episode Foutley's on Ice; they tried making Hoodsey more manly in order for him to pose as an adult for a competition that they were going to join. This caused great jealousy on Carl's part after he witnessed the kiss which was purely experimental.
  • Always a member of Carl's class, Noelle Sussman (voiced by As Told By Ginger creator Emily Kapnek) has telekinetic powers (she can move things with her mind). In And She Was Gone, Carl thought that no one would miss her if he used her to test his disappearing powder on. It turns out he missed her. Luckily, she only transferred to an elementary school across town. In Wicked Game she lost Carl in a bet to Polly Shuster, a girl who is obsessed with birds. For an entire weekend, Carl would have to dress up like a bird and play Parrot World with her. Blake took pictures of Carl actually enjoying this game with Polly and showed them to Noelle in About Face. The two don't speak until The Wedding Frame.
  • Linda (voiced by Olivia Hack and Hope Levy) is the school's hall monitor. As shown in Ginger the Juvey, she is on a first name basis with Courtney, who is the only student that she would probably let roam the halls without a hall pass.
  • A foreign exchanged student, Jean-Pierre (voiced by Laraine Newman), could get any girl at Lucky Jr. High. In Stealing First, Courtney bets that she can get him to kiss Ginger on the chair lift on the school ski trip, to which Miranda says is impossible. In No Hope for Courtney, he takes interest in a newly made-over Hope.
  • Laetitia Bowers (voiced by Cara Delizia) made her first appearance in New Girl in Town. She had a somewhat gothic appeal and she carried around a fake skull. Her dad is a mortitian. Rumors started floating around that the reason they moved to Sheltered Shrubs was because Mr. Bowers accidentally embalmed someone who wasn't dead yet. Ginger, Dodie, and Macie try and help her find her place at school, but it turns out it's with them. In later episodes, she can be seen in the background.
  • When Macie and Courtney entered a high school-level French class, Macie was volunteered to throw a pool party. Two girls in that class, Chantel (voiced by Kimberly Brooks) and Andrea (voiced by Jamie Maria Cronin) want to make a fool of their new classmate, Courtney. Luckily, Macie finds out about their plan to de-bikini Courtney and she, Ginger, Dodie, and Darren are able to stop them.
  • In the second episode (Carl And Maude) the three girls are forced to do community service at a retirement home, they take Carl along and he falls in love with an elderly prankster Maude (voiced by Carol Kane) Maude and Carl pull many pranks together and Carl decides to invite her to dinner and propose, however Maude dies in this same episode at dinner. Maude reappears as a spirit in I Spy A Witch
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