''"Poppycock" - from the Dutch pappekak, which literally means soft dung or diarrhea (from Dutch pap pap + kak dung) - is an interjection meaning "nonsense" or "balderdash".

Poppycock is a brand of candied popcorn. Though it is marketed in a variety of combinations, the original mixture consists of clusters of popcorn, almonds and pecans covered in a candy glaze. Other specialty combinations include mixtures with emphasis on cashews, chocolate and pecans.

Poppycock is the invention of Howard Vair, proprietor of a small specialty candy store in Detroit, Michigan. According to company history, Vair created Poppycock clusters over 50 years ago as a snack to take along on tedious road trips through the Midwest.

In 1960, Warner, a Swiss company bought the rights to Poppycock and moved production to their Villa Park, Illinois facility. In 1991, the Lincoln Snacks Company acquired Poppycock.

According to packaging materials, Poppycock uses a special yellow mushroom variety for their popcorn, which is exclusively grown for them.

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