Pop quiz

Pop quiz

A pop quiz is a quiz or test given to the class without prior warning or announcement. The practice is commonly used by teachers in high schools and undergraduate programs in the United States.


  • To regain a class's focus on a certain subject that they may not have been studying hard enough otherwise.
  • To reward classes with high attendance and punish those that don't in a university or collegiate environment.

Pop quizzes in popular culture

  • The 1994 movie Speed also used this term as a way to verbally attack someone by asking them what they would do in a crisis situation.
  • In the 2007 movie Transformers, after high school students make fun of Sam Witwicky in class, his teacher Mr. Hosney warns them that there may or may not be a pop quiz tomorrow.
  • The 1992 movie Wayne's world also used this term : (Garth to Wayne) "Okay, pop quiz. Cassandra is not interested in Benjamin because... A: Chicks think he's handsome, B: has cool car, C: has lots of cash, D: has no visible scars, E: does not live with parents."


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