pool, game: see billiards.
or pocket billiards

Billiards game played on an oblong table having six pockets with 15 object balls and a white cue ball. At the beginning of play, the balls are arranged (racked) in a pyramid formation with its apex on a spot near the foot of the table. The first player breaks the formation by driving the cue ball into it; to continue play, he or she must hit a ball into a pocket. In the popular “8-ball” game, the first player (or team) to sink either the seven solid-coloured balls (numbered 1–7) or the seven banded (striped) balls (9–15), finishing with the black 8-ball, wins. In “9-ball,” only the balls numbered 1–9 are used, and they must be sunk sequentially; the player who sinks the 9-ball wins. Pool probably reached its present form in England and France by circa 1800; today it is most popular in North America.

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Pool may refer to:

Bodies of water

Sports, games and gambling

  • Betting pool, form of pool betting where gamblers pay a fixed price into a pool
  • Dead pool, betting pool on the date of death of celebrities
  • Hockey pool, simplified version of fantasy hockey
  • Football pools, football (soccer) betting pool
  • Footy pool, Australian-rules football pool
  • Pool betting, betting system in which all bets of a particular type are placed together in a pool
  • Pool billiards, family of games played on a pocket billiards table
  • Pool checkers, variant of checkers (draughts)
  • Pool play, round robin stage of many sporting championships
  • Pool (poker), money wagered during a single hand of poker
  • Singapore Pools, Singapore's sole legal lottery





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