Polyglot may refer to:

  • Multilingualism, a single speaker who uses two or more languages, or a community of speakers where two or more languages are used
  • Hyperpolyglot, one who can speak six or more languages fluently
  • Polyglot (book), a book that contains the same text in more than one language
  • A polyglot Bible, an edition of the Bible with the texts in different columns in different languages, especially those in which early versions of the text exist; several versions have been produced.
  • Polyglot (computing), a computer program that is valid in more than one programming language
  • Polyglot (game), an educational game for learning languages

Polyglot may also refer to:

  • Polyglot (webzine), a biweekly game industry webzine published by Polymancer Studios, Inc.
  • Mixed language, a language that is a combination of other languages
  • Pidgin, a language that develops between groups who do not share a common language

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