Poly Sci

Poly Sci

For other uses, see "Political science".

Poly Sci is the debut album by rapper John Forté, released in 1998.

Track listing

  1. "Hot (Intro)"
  2. "They Got Me"
  3. "Ninety Nine (Flash The Message)"
  4. "God Is Love God Is War"
  5. "We Got This"
  6. "P.B.E. (Powerful, Beautiful, Excellent)"
  7. "The Right One/Father To Son Interlude"
  8. "Madina Passage"
  9. "All You Gotta Do"
  10. "Poly Sci"
  11. "Born To Win/Riddle Of Steel Interlude"
  12. "Flash The Message"
  13. "Hot (Outro)"

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