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Animated political cartoons

Animated political cartoons are the evolution of the Editorial cartoon. The animated political cartoons are normally written in Flash


With the dot com crash at the turn of the millennium, artists and animators were among the first to be let go at online news sites. Early pioneers such as Pat Oliphant stopped adding content shortly after.

Others, however, have carved out a market for their trade. JibJab is the most notable, making Internet history with their cartoon This Land! in 2004. Mark Fiore's animations have appeared in SFGate for years, he appears to be the most successful animator, currently publishing his cartoons once a week.

Innovative new cartoonists, such as J83 (independent), and Shujaat Ali from the Aljazeera news website, are also appearing and making inroads in this evolving medium. Peter Nicholson, of The Australian newspaper, publishes a new animation fortnightly, featuring the voices of mimic Paul Jennings. In Britain, Matthew Buck (Hack) launched the first regular animated political cartoon for Tribune magazine in May 2007 and subsequently started to work, weekly, for Channel 4 (News website)

It could be argued that as the public becomes more media savvy, and as technology progresses, animated political cartoons on the Internet are sure to gain in popularity.

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