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Sistem Salleh

Sistem Salleh (Malay for Salleh System) is a concept addressed by Allahyarham (late) Tun Salleh Ismail, the second Inspector-General of Police in efforts to enhance the effectiveness of the police force by involving the public during arrests directly.

Prior to the usage of this system, crime prevention was not effective owing to the increase in crimes during the 1960s.


On September, 1967, Research Department and Planning of RMP have outlined and arrange a new concept known as "Sistem Salleh", that is in conjunction with the name of Inspector-General of Police; Tun Salleh Ismail.

To test this effectiveness of the system, it already attempted to be carried out in Petaling Jaya in February, 1968. This attempt visibly effective and succeed reduce crime rate in the area Petaling Jaya. Directive issue to 7 June, 1968 go through RMP Force Ordered so this system implemented at all Contingents.


This plan main purpose is to train policeman so that more responsible and acceptable by the public as friend. Thus this system expect change so that aware policeman pattern that their services greatly needed and they is a person pengawai law enforcer.

The directive also clarified in detail his purposes, viz:

inculcate public feeling through contiguous way with persons that undertakes beat so win the trust;

provide assistance immediately to the public with the way ready to on call assistance and accept complaint;

  • facilitate the work with adding and improve flow of information;
  • providing a system attract in order to protect or reduce crime rates.
  • instil the spirit to police-officers on their duties by the way unite knowledge those found;

This system perform with the way:

Each area police station part to patrol, sector, ward and zone with boundary line obviously lead where position him those areas, competitive factors, wide and others. A beat or more; or a patrol or more or a beat and a patrol can make a sector. Two sector or more becoming a ward. Two ward or more becoming a zone.

Officers, Rank In Files and constable give responsibility on certain areas to enable them understand each area and responsible to on any incident happen result of carelessness police.

Each zone officer under surveillance and Rank In Files who takes care ward. Officer zone also responsible to District Police Chief.

Low rank member / Constables select control and officiate beat; patrol and sector would be stationed at least 12 month to enable them know area ins and outs and his residents.

Officers, Rank In Files and constable are required study, acquainted and contact friendly each area with the people to establish public confidence on them. Them also must strive gather any information about each area.

If can, officers, Rank In Files and constable will stay in each area and in the mobile their area.

With complete knowledge of each deep inhabitants each area, any incident will have been traced easily.

With the knowledge would also create confidence and security members of the police to perform the duties design.

Experience and knowledge acquired by members of the police in the area respectively will increase another efficiency and create responsible manner in among member.

To establish and implement the system stated fully, viz before directed areas beat, patrol, sector and ward careful study have been made from variety position side, area, total population and fraction race, crime rate, triad, map, sensitivity something history of space (complaint / hostility among faction), political situation and activity subversive.

Sistem Salleh operation that trimmed with patrol beat ordinary (including feet road, cycle or motorcycle) patrol ride (Mobile Patrol Vehicles) Whose members make patrol supplied with Walkie-talkie to facilitate design contact or so can move and act swiftly whenever an incident occurs that is undesired.

Sistem Salleh created the police beat booth in the city or in villages all over the country. Police kiosks create those in areas have been identified his need as in areas which often area visited by the person, residential areas and also villages who was chosen.

Policeman presence would create public confidence for police. Good relationship between the two parties will inculcate the attitude mutual understanding will problem respectively. The by the way cooperation and many favours to chief police in efforts prevent crime can be increased more from time to time.

This police kiosks normally is led a member of corporal and two constables. To make sure system fluency this, information create and moved in every station. This room equipped with various information to facilitate policeman carry out patrol duty and beat, consist of: Areal map

offence records, nature of the offence, `mood operandi' crime, person personal details suspect, places always going on crime scene and others. Other information information feel must.
Sistem Salleh effectiveness in constrain, control and eradicate crime undeniable. Public confidence for steadily improving RMP.


In the year 1968, Tun Abd. Razak, which at that time Deputy Prime Minister and Ministry of Home Affairs succeed involving public cooperation.

Seen from the aspect police liaison with the public, Sistem Salleh also successful create a situation where public is no longer regard police as a institution worried, in fact as friends who gives help when needed.

Existence rapport police person many, would facilitate police parties functions such officer peace and national security.

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