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Central Police Station

Central Police Station located at the eastern end of Hollywood Road, in Central, Hong Kong, is awaiting development following its decommissioning.

The oldest structure within the police station was built in 1864; it is a three-storey barrack block constructed adjacent to Victoria Prison. A storey was later added to the block in 1905. Other blocks were added between 1910 and 1925. In 1919, Headquarters Block facing Hollywood Road was constructed. Subsequently in 1925, the two-storey Stable Block was constructed at the north-west end of the parade ground and later used as an armoury.

Many police stations were built during this period due to the large number of people who moved to Hong Kong from mainland China and the corresponding increase in difficulty with maintaining law and order.

The main building (or Headquarters Block), built in a classical style, has four storeys and a grey and blue colour scheme, with Doric-style columns. With its long history and antiquated architectural style, the Central Police Station is one of the very last physical reminders of Hong Kong's colonial heritage. In the past, the police station was used as the headquarters of the police; however, its importance declined when the new police headquarters was built in Wan Chai after World War II. It functioned as a police station, dormitory, and prison, and was used as both the Hong Kong Island Regional Police Headquarters and the Central District Police Headquarters until 2000s.

However, the Central Police Station will have to face a reconstruction in the near future since the Government intends to convert the Police Station and the magistracy into modern food plazas, a museum and an art gallery. Victoria prison may also be converted into either a theatre or a museum. The renovated police station compound will then become a tourist destination with historical significance, a rarity amongst Hong Kong attractions.

The buildings of Central Police Station, the Victoria Prison, and former Central Magistracy, are declared monuments of Hong Kong. These buildings are categorized as Central Police Station Compound.


The overall compound comprises 7 blocks of the old Central Police Station as follows:
Hall Constructed
Headquarters Block
Block A
Block B
Block C
Block D
Stable Block
Barrack Block
The compound is bordered on the North by Hollywood Road, on the South by Chancery Lane, on the East by Upper Albert Road and on the West by Old Bailey Street.

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