pocket computer

TRS-80 Pocket Computer

The TRS-80 name was also used for a pocket computer manufactured by Sharp Corporation for Tandy besides being the name of the TRS-80 personal computer. The handheld unit measured 175 × 70 × 15 mm and weighed 170 g, and had a one-line, 24-character alphanumeric LCD.

The TRS-80 Pocket Computer was programmable in BASIC, with a capacity of 1424 "program steps". This memory was shared with variable storage of up to 178 locations, in addition to the 26 fixed locations named A through Z.

Programs and data could be stored on a cassette tape through an optional external tape interface unit. A printer/cassette interface was available, which used an ink ribbon on plain paper.

Although not branded as such, this became known as the PC-1, as later models were labelled PC-2 through PC-8. Some were made by Sharp, and the rest were made by Casio (PC-4 through PC-7). The PC-2 had 4 colored ball point pens and could print or plot on plain paper. The others all used thermal paper, the PC-3 and PC-8 using the same printer, the PC-4, PC-5 and PC-6 using the same printer, and the PC-7 having no printer or cassette interface.

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