plutarco e. calles

Metro Santa Anita

Santa Anita

Mexico City Metro
(Logo of Metro Santa Anita)
Line 4
La Viga
Line 8

Metro Santa Anita is a station on the Mexico City Metro. Located in Mexico City's Iztacalco borough, the station is the current terminal of Line 4.

The station logo depicts a man sailing a canoe. This is because in the early 20th century, in the area where the station now stands, was the Santa Anita canal – a place used for chinampa-based agriculture. Today the canal has long since vanished, but the name Santa Anita is still used by the surrounding neighbourhood.

Metro Line 4 was originally projected to end in the Villa Coapa neighbourhood, in the southern borough of Coyoacán. Since the inauguration of Line B, however, no more lines have been constructed or extended, so Metro Santa Anita – and other stations, such as Metro Barranca del Muerto – officially remain provisional terminals.

Metro Santa Anita was originally to be named Metro Plutarco E. Calles, in honour of President Plutarco Elías Calles, according to early plans for Line 4.

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