InuYasha (character)

is a fictional character in the manga and anime series InuYasha created by Rumiko Takahashi as the main character of the franchise. Inu means dog and Yasha means spirit, so InuYasha literally translates to "dog spirit."

In 2001, InuYasha won the Animage Grand Prix for Best Male Character.

Concept and creation

According to interviews with the author, the style for InuYasha's clothing was based on "priest's garb" of Japan's "Warring States" period.

InuYasha speaks with harsh Japanese. He never uses honorifics and when talking to those he does not like he uses "temee" and "kisama", both of which are considered very rude. He uses the tough masculine pronoun "ore". He also does not show respect to his elders, often calling them "-baba" or "-jiji", which translates as "old hag" or "old geezer", respectively.

Character Outline


InuYasha is a brave but naïve Hanyō, a half-demon, the result of a powerful dog demon and a human woman. He maintains a crass, rude attitude towards everyone except Kikyo and sometimes to Kagome, and to a lesser degree the rest of his companions except Shippo. One of InuYasha's prominent character traits is his tendency to allow his anger to cloud his judgment and cause him to act rashly, often resulting in violence. InuYasha is offended when someone suggests that he is inferior to yōkai due to his human parentage.

Orphaned at a young age, InuYasha was rejected by humans because of his yōkai side and looked down upon by yōkai because his human blood supposedly taints his superior yōkai blood; thus, he found it hard to trust anyone. The Jewel of Four Souls or Shikion Jewel was a powerful object, capable of turning InuYasha into a full yōkai, and InuYasha set out to find it, though instead fell in love with the human protector, Kikyo. However, through a course of events, Kikyo was tricked into pinning InuYasha with an arrow to a tree. When awoken by Kagome over 50 years later, InuYasha is unruly and uncivil after feeling betrayed by his loved one. As time progressed, InuYasha becomes more civil, losing some of his more childish qualities and valueing his friendships. In the manga they completed the Shikion Jewel and Kagome decided to live with him and in the end they fell in love. But in the anime they didn't complete the Shikion Jewel and they didn't defeat Naraku but it seemed that he and Kagome started to fall for each other.


InuYasha has both physical and sword techniques and abilities. He has superhuman strength, speed, stamina, defense, healing, and senses, particularly hearing and smelling. Being part yōkai, he also has the abiltiy to channel his yōkai energy into his claws into an attack named Iron Reaver Soul Stealer and, when combined with InuYasha's blood, is called Blades of Blood. InuYasha also carries the sword , which enables him to use such moves as Kenatsu, the ability to cut an enemy without physical contact, Wind Scar, a special attack accomplished by finding the fissure or scar between colliding demonic winds of Tetsusaiga's wielder and the opposing demon, and Backlash Wave, which creates large twisters that redirects the enemies attack while adding a Wind Scar to it. Tetsusaiga is also capable of the technique Adamant Barrage, which occurs when Tetsusiga's blade turns to fragmented diamonds and, when whipped, shoots out many shards. It can also use Meidō Zangetsuha, which creates a path to Hell. With Kagome, InuYasha was able to use the Sacred Backlash Wave, which consists of Kagome firing a Sacred Arrow into InuYasha's Backlash Wave. Given directly from an orb of a bat demon, InuYasha was able to use the Barrier Breaker which renders most barriers useless.

Being a half-demon, InuYasha loses his demonic powers periodically and is turned into a normal human with black hair. For him, it occurs during the first night of a new moon. His team members try their best to protect him at that time, and keep his vulnerability secret from others. Despite their efforts, however, some of InuYasha's adversaries, including Kagura, learn of this weakness. InuYasha may be controlled by , a necklace that Kagome can command, often by using the word "sit" which causes the beads to yank downward.

Plot Overview

InuYasha, having been pinned to a tree by his former love, Kikyo, is awakened by the teenage girl, Kagome. While at first his only desire is to retrieve The Jewel of Fours Souls so he can become a full yōkai instead of a half-demon, InuYasha eventually creates a friendship with Kagome and the rest of their group. Though on uneven terms with his half-brother Sesshomaru, InuYasha had a close relationship with his mother and, though he had never met him, his father did leave him a sword, Tetsusaiga. When the half-demon Naraku begins collecting jewel shards to gain ultimate power, InuYasha and his group set out to collect the shards first and defeat Naraku.


In 2001, InuYasha won the Animage Grand Prix for Best Male Character.


InuYasha has been the basis for several forms of merchandise, including figurines, plushes, card games, towels, clocks, key chains, posters, necklaces, and buttons.

Notes and references

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