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List of Celebrity Deathmatch episodes

This is the list of all the episodes and fights in the claymation series Celebrity Deathmatch. Bolded characters's names are the winners in a fight.

Pilot episodes (January 1 & 25 1998)

Episode Fight Featuring Deaths
Charles Manson vs Marilyn Manson Charles Manson vs. Marilyn Manson Marv Albert Charles Manson: Marilyn Manson pulled out his skeleton through his mouth.
Deathbowl '98 Kathie Lee Gifford vs. Howard Stern Kathie Lee Gifford: Melted by Howard Stern's corrosive flatulence.
Pamela Anderson Lee vs. RuPaul Marv Albert (guest commentator) RuPaul: Pam Anderson shoved RuPaul's shoe through her eye socket.
Spice Girls vs. Hanson Marilyn Manson Hanson and Spice Girls: Crushed by the light rigging after Marilyn Manson cut through the supports with a chainsaw. His motive for doing this was explained in a pre-fight interview from earlier in the episode, in which Manson expressed his dislike for The Spice Girls and Hanson.

Season 1 (May 14, 1998-October 22, 1998)

Episode Fight Featuring Deaths Fight Specialty
Seinfeld's Last Stand Hillary Clinton vs. Monica Lewinsky Drew Carey, Bill Clinton, Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers Gennifer Flowers: Accidentally hit in the face with Monica's trap-bladed beret thrown at Hilary. No Deaths: Bill Clinton accidentally told Paula Jones to "Grab [my] nuts" through Stacy Cornbred's microphone, so he could have the peanuts he ordered earlier. This was misunderstood by both combatants, who turned on him. Bill then fled the arena in a Secret Service helicopter

Mariah Carey vs. Jim Carrey Drew Carey Jim Carrey: Head exploded when Mariah Carey sang and held a very high note, much to the displeasure of every spectator and arena staff None.
Tim Allen vs. Jerry Seinfeld Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards and Don King Don King: Mills Lane accidentally threw a wrench at his head No Winner: Tim and Jerry both fought like wimps throughout the entire fight until Jerry's co-stars, who were spectators, got into the ring and beat Jerry up, feeling that he betrayed them all by ending Seinfeld.

Where is Stallone? Rosie O'Donnell vs. Oprah Winfrey Jerry Springer Candy Seller: Crushed three times. First by Rosie O'Donnell, then by Oprah Winfrey, and finally by a giant spotlight that Oprah accidentally knocked down. No Deaths: Jerry Springer interfered with both combatants, causing a double disqualification and challenged the two for a match individually, postponing the fight to a later date.

Liam Gallagher vs. Noel Gallagher Leo Gallagher Liam and Noel Gallagher: Heads smashed by Gallagher's mallet None.
Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Sylvester Stallone Don King, DJ Adrian Don King: Arnold Schwarzenegger flicked a cigar into the audience that landed in Don King's hair, setting him on fire and eventually burning him alive No Deaths: In a bizarre twist, both fighters punched and knocked each other out, prompting referee Mills Lane to count them out. Arnold managed to stand up, but Stallone sweepkicked him to the floor as he stood up. Mills Lane then declared Stallone as the winner.

The Mystery Of The Loch Ness Monster Bigfoot vs. Loch Ness Monster Fran Drescher, Sean Connery, Don King, Mike Tyson, Pauly Shore and Carrot Top Bigfoot: Sliced in half by the Loch Ness Monster's tail Don King: Sliced in half by Loch Ness Monster's tail.

Several Audience Members: Crushed and eaten by the Loch Ness Monster.

Mick Jagger vs. Steven Tyler Liv Tyler Steven Tyler: Mick Jagger impaled him on his gigantic tongue.

David Letterman vs. Jay Leno Johnny Carson (as a guest referee, mysteriously disappears after beginning the fight), Loch Ness Monster, Fran Drescher and Ed McMahon Loch Ness Monster: Electrocuted by an electric fence. David Letterman: Crushed by the electrocuted Loch Ness Monster and the electric fence.

Jay Leno: Diced by the electric fence when it fell on him and David Letterman.

The fight takes place in an electrified steel cage.
Celebrity Deathmatch Goes To The Movies Roger Ebert vs. Gene Siskel Spike Lee and Quentin Tarantino Roger Ebert: Gene spins Roger around by his thumb until the finger binds that hold their thumbs together breaks, sending Ebert flying into the support beam of the commentator's booth, splitting his skull in half. Nick Diamond: When Roger Ebert hit the commenting booth, he was thrown from the booth and put into a coma for two episodes

Both fighters were forced to fight with their right thumbs tied together.
Dean Martin vs. Jerry Lewis Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Jr. Jerry Lewis: Whacked out of the ring by Dean Martin (death unconfirmed) This fight is a black and white flashback.
Spike Lee vs. Quentin Tarantino Woody Allen (as a guest referee) and Soon-Yi Previn Spike Lee: Whacked in the neck by Woody Allen (not killed). Quentin Tarantino: Ribcage ripped out by Woody Allen.

Nick In A Coma Cindy Crawford vs. Janeane Garofalo Jack Nicholson (guest commentator replacing Nick Diamond) No Deaths Both fighters were knocked out, to which Mills Lane called the match a draw. Both fighters decided on forfeits prior to the match which both had to abide by. If Janeane lost, she would have to lose 50 pounds, and if Cindy lost she would have to gain 50 pounds.
Elvis Presley vs. Jerry Garcia Nick Diamond Jr., Stacy Cornbred, Jimi Hendrix (as a Special Guest Referee) No Deaths: This fight takes place inside Nick's dream and the dream simply ends with both fighters punching each other. This fight was a morphine-induced dream Nick had when Nicky Jr. was trying to call a nurse.
Jerry Springer vs. Rosie O'Donnell vs. Oprah Winfrey Leonardo DiCaprio (appears at the end of the episode to challenge Nicholson to a match) Jerry Springer: Ripped in half like a wishbone by Oprah and Rosie. Rosie O'Donnell: Diced up into cubes after Oprah shoves her through the Dome of Devastation.

The fight took place in the Dome Of Devastation.
Nick Returns Fiona Apple vs. John Popper Lenny Stanton, the executive producer's son (as a guest commentator replacing Nick Diamond) Fiona Apple: Rolled over by John Popper and flattened. None.
Christopher Walken vs. Gary Oldman Gary Oldman: Head crushed in Christopher Walken's hands.

Garth Brooks vs. Marilyn Manson Hanson Garth Brooks: His brain fell out after Marilyn Manson blew the top of his head off with his guitar. Hanson: All three members are sliced to pieces by a chainsaw held by Zachary Walker Hanson while attempting crush Marylin Manson like he did with them by cutting down the rafters.

Presented By Big Bull Beer Aretha Franklin vs. Barbara Streisand Barbara Streisand: Barbara drinks a bucket of water Aretha contaminated with bubonic plague from a diseased rat that causes Barbara to melt into the ring. The Devastating Divas fight with medieval weaponry.
Bill Gates vs. Michael Flatley Robot Flatley Bill Gates and Michael Flatley: Slammed repeatedly in the ring until both fighters broke into pieces. None
Leonardo DiCaprio vs. Jack Nicholson Leonardo DiCaprio: Jack Nicholson slams Leo's face into the turnbuckle until his face caves into his skull (not actually killing him). A riot ensued after female DiCaprio fans saw what Jack had done to Leo's face.

The Missing Girl Puff Daddy vs. Trent Reznor "Nine Inch Daddy" and "Puff Nails" Trent Reznor: Sliced to bits by vinyl records thrown by Puff Daddy. Mills Lane later puts him back together along with pieces of Puff Daddy Puff Daddy: Sliced to bits by Trent Reznor's projectile "Nine Inch Nails" (finger nails). Mills Lane later puts him together with pieces of Trent Reznor

David Hasselhoff vs. John Tesh KITT (in a Dune Buggy body), Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Spade and Steven Seagal David Hasselhoff: Face and skull ripped off when John Tesh unfolds an umbrella in his head. He collapses on top of KITT after the fight. John Tesh: Crushed by KITT when David Hasselhoff asks him for help after his face gets torn off.

Both fighters had the chance to choose a setting of how the ring would look for the fight by coin-toss. John wanted the set of Entertainment Tonight, while David wanted a Baywatch-like setting. In the end Hasselhoff won and got a ring set up to look like a beach.
Bruce Willis and Demi Moore vs. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman Stone Cold Steve Austin Tom Cruise and Bruce Willis: Stone Cold Steve Austin slammed their heads together when they pulled on the missing girl's arms to see whp gets to save her. None.
Fandemonium I Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon Vince McMahon: Hit with the Stone Cold Stunner, which breaks his neck. Austin then beats the corpse to pieces with the Undertaker's tombstone gift, then throws the pieces into a casket, which is dragged out into a field and set on fire offscreen (due to Austin's playing to the crowd). None.
Adam Sandler vs. Chris Rock Adam Sandler: Chris Rock does a Mexican liver punch and throws him outside the ring, impaling him on the control lever of the Fan of Fandemonium control panel, electrocuting him. Chris Rock: Because security wouldn't allow him to escape the ring, he was eviscerated by the Fan of Fandemonium as it malfunctioned.

When both fighters refused to fight, Mills Lane turned on the Fan Of Fandemonium, which would slowly descend into the ring until there was a winner or both fighters would be sliced to pieces.
Carmen Electra vs. Jenny McCarthy Howard Stern (as a guest referee), Baba Booey (Stern's producer) Carmen Electra: Howard Stern tries to release his signature super fart move, which launches him as a missile into Carmen, causing Howard to grab Carmen and crush her into a wall when they crash into it. This fight took place in a ring of mud, per fan's request.
Battle of The Bulls David Spade vs. Steven Seagal Spike Lee and Scottie Pippen Steven Seagal: Spade uses the waistband of his underwear as a slingshot to shoot one of Scottie Pippen's NBA championship rings through Segal's head. None.
Prince Charles vs. the Artist formerly known as Prince Queen Elizabeth II Prince: Prince Charles smashes his head into his body with a croquet mallet.

Michael Jordan vs. Dennis Rodman Dennis Rodman: Michael Jordan stuffs a basketball in his mouth and slam dunks him into a garbage can. None.
37th Annual Sci-Fi Fight Night Céline Dion vs. Keith Flint Zatar the Alien and Don King Keith Flint: Head ripped off and eaten by Céline Dion, who then reveals herself to be Zatar the Alien. Céline Dion: Ripped apart from the inside by Zatar.

Don King: Zatar possesses him, causing him to faint after Zatar delivers a message through him.

This fight wasn't planned. Dion was singing the national anthem when Keith attacked her from behind.
Zatar the Alien vs. Nick Diamond Mark Hamill and Peter Mayhew Two Security Guards: They accidentally shock each other while trying to stun Zatar with stun rods, who is dancing on the head of a catatonic Don King. Mark Hamill and Peter Mayhew: Heads repeatedly slammed into the canvas by Zatar until both of them explode.

Zatar the Alien: Nick Diamond shoved his hand through his eyeball and pulled out his brains. He didn't die though, since he is seen trying to leave the arena in the next fight.

This fight also wasn't planned. It was a Sci-Fi Q&A segment with Peter and Mark until Zatar killed them, enraging Nick to leave the booth and end Zatar's disruptive behavior.
David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson vs. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith Zatar the Alien Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith: Accidentally vaporized by Smith as Jones tells him at the last second that he's holding the raygun backwards. Both are dressed as their respective roles in sci-fi: The X-Files and Men in Black.
Masters Of The Martial Arts Roseanne vs. Kelsey Grammer Roseanne: After being pinned under Roseanne for two rounds, Kelsey escaped the pin by slipping out of his own skin. Roseanne had a heart attack when she saw Kelsey's skinless body and promptly died. None.
Brandy vs. Courtney Love Courtney Love: Mauled to pieces by an angry mama bear when Brandy tried to give Courtney its cub as a peace-offering. None.
Jackie Chan vs. Jean-Claude Van Damme Chuck Norris (as a guest referee) Chuck Norris: Van Damme, thinking Chuck Norris was his opponent, kicked him cleanly in half through his waist. Jean-Claude Van Damme: Jackie Chan ripped the arms off of Chuck Norris's corpse and decapitated Jean Claude with them.


Season 2 (January 31, 1999-November 11, 1999)

Episode Fight Featuring Cause of Death Fight Specialty
Deathbowl '99 Dolly Parton vs. Jennifer Lopez Michael Buffer, Dr. Ruth (as a guest commentator) Dolly Parton: Floated into space and exploded after her special armor inflated her breasts Both ladies fought with special armor. Dolly's would enlarge her breasts and Jennifer's would enlarge her buttocks.
Michael Jackson vs.Madonna Michael Jackson: Turned himself into a hamster using Moonwalker magic and got kicked into the pool of acid by Madonna.

The fight took place in a ring surrounded by a pool of hydrochloric acid.
Evander Holyfield vs. Mike Tyson Mike Tyson: Pushed Holyfield off the roof of a condemned building into a TNT plunger placed by a nearby demo-team. Tyson was blown to pieces as the building came down. Nick Diamond then quips Tyson as the "raining champion."

The fight spilled outside of the Deathmatch Arena into a hotel, a tavern and a rooftop of an evicted apartment complex.
Battle of the Boys with Toys Ice Cube vs. Ice T Vanilla Ice Ice Cube: Frozen after falling beneath the ice rink. Ice T: Vanilla Ice ran him over with a Zamboni.

Vanilla Ice: Crushed by the frozen Ice Cube, who had been hanging above the ring on a crane.

The ring was turned into a ice skating rink, completing the "Better Ice" theme.
Al Pacino vs. Robert De Niro Marlon Brando (as a guest referee), Majai Al Pacino: Head destroyed after being whacked repeatedly with Majai when De Niro was still in his Al Capone character.

Actor's Showcase Showdown (both opponents fight each other by acting out a character from one of their movies).
Backstreet Boys vs. Beastie Boys Marlon Brando and Majai Season Ticket Holders: Exploded by stray missiles from the Backstreet Boys' robot. Howie D: Face blasted off by a laser beam from the Beastie Boys' robot.

Marlon Brando: Shoved into the Backstreet Boys' robot's exhaust pipe by the Beastie Boys. (death unconfirmed).

Backstreet Boys: Howie D. was the first casualty after the Beasties fired a laser into Backstreet's cockpit. The rest of Backstreet were crushed inside their robot's cockpit after the Beasties finished them off with a missile fist, while the backed-up exhaust fumes confused and suffocated them.

The bands fought each other in giant mech robots.
Magic, Flashbacks and Pregnancies Calista Flockhart vs. Lucy Lawless Maya Angelou, Dennis Franz No Deaths: Calista launched herself from the ropes to attack Lucy, but Lucy ducked, causing Calista's head to get crammed inside Lucy's buttocks. Lucy slammed herself into the canvas from a turnpost, trapping Calista inside herself until after the main event, when Calista was birthed out of Lucy Lawless alive.

The fight took place in a ring with office props from Ally McBeal while Lucy fights dressed as Xena.
Boy George vs. Don Johnson Philip Michael Thomas, Cyndi Lauper, Mr. T, Ronald Reagan (as a guest referee), Ayatollah Khomeini Don Johnson: Ronald Reagan,believing Boy George was a woman, attacked Don Johnson to prevent him from harming Boy George any further. Johnson refused to back down, so Reagan stunned him with a blow to the neck and then jumped off a turnbuckle onto Don's head, crushing it. Random Audience Member: Accidentally disintegrated by a laser from Reagan's "Star Wars" satellite defense program.

Ayatollah Khomeini: Disintegrated by a laser from Reagan's "Star Wars" satellite defense program.

This fight was from a video which was found in a time capsule(dating back to 1985) after digging through the rubble from the previous episode's main event.
Penn & Teller vs. Siegfried & Roy Roy: Penn pulled his brain out, but Siegfried charmed it back into his head. Siegfried: Teller launched himself from a missile launcher and blew him up on contact.

Penn: Eaten by Roy's white tiger.

Both fighters were allowed to use magic tricks.
The Time Machine Jennifer Aniston vs. Courteney Cox vs. Lisa Kudrow James Caan, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer David Schwimmer: Launched from an ejection seat on a couch and into the sitcom set wall. He was later crushed when the set collapsed. Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow: When David Schwimmer hit the wall from the sitcom set in the ring, it collapsed on top of the girls.

A plywood sitcom set similar to the set on Friends was constructed in the ring.
Sean Connery vs. Roger Moore a cave woman Sean Connery: Roger Moore borrowed a giant boulder from a cave woman and crushed Sean under it.

The two combatants were allowed to use gadgets from the James Bond films.
Mahatma Gandhi vs. Genghis Khan Genghis Khan: Mahatma Gandhi tossed him under the ring and crushed him with it This was the first episode where the Time Machine was used. The two fighters' personalities were switched around due to a malfunction from the machine, making Gandhi very aggressive and Genghis Khan more placid.
The Unknown Murderer Moses vs. Pharaoh God, Harrison Ford Pharaoh's Henchman: Moses crushed their heads with the ten commandments. Moses: Impaled with a tiny pyramid from the Pharaoh's servants.

Pharaoh: "Parted" in half by Moses, but managed to reattatch himself. He was later whacked out of the ring by Harrison Ford (no death).

This fight was a bedtime story that Nick made up to Nicky Jr.
Geraldo Rivera vs. Larry King Drew Barrymore and Jamie Lee Curtis Drew Barrymore: Face crushed in by the mystery killer. Larry King: Crushed under a desk by Geraldo.

Jamie Lee Curtis: Slashed to death by the mystery killer.

Viewers could call the fighters in this bout to tell them what they want to do to his opponent, a format similar to Larry King Live.
Neve Campbell vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar Jennifer Love Hewitt and a platypus Jennifer Love Hewitt: Slashed to death by the mystery killer.

Halfway through the fight, Nick traced the Mystery Killer's call back to a platypus placed by the killer. Gellar and Campbell both beat up the platypus, thinking that it was the real killer.
Celebrity Deathmatch International Mel Gibson vs. Paul Hogan Natalie Imbruglia Natalie Imbruglia Decapitated by a boomerang that Paul threw at Mel. Paul Hogan: Skewered with a sharp spear from Gibson and then thrown on a grill to cook.

This fight was taped in an arena in Sydney, Australia.
Antonio Banderas vs. Cheech Marin Andrés Cantor (as a guest commentator) and Fidel Castro (as a guest referee) Fidel Castro: Intestines fell out after Antonio Banderas blindly cut him up. Antonio Banderas: Repeatedly whacked like a piñata until his insides fell out after killing Castro, whom Cheech chose as his comedic partner.

This fight was taped in an arena in Havana, Cuba.
Bono vs. Fabio vs. Yoko Ono Bono: Head crushed by Yoko Ono's statue. Yoko Ono: Crushed in a folding couch by Fabio.

This fight was taped in an arena in The Hague, Netherlands.
The End of the Real World Tyra Banks vs. Claudia Schiffer vs. Kate Moss Tyra Banks, Claudia Schiffer and Kate Moss: Ripped each other apart.

This fight was actually supposed to be a fashion show of deadly clothes.
Busta Rhymes vs. William Shakespeare Random Audience Member: Accidentally hit by an arrow fired by William Shakespeare. Busta Rhymes ran into the time machine and was transported back to Shakespeare's time of existence, making Shakespeare the winner by default.

The Real World's Jacinda Barrett vs. Jon Brannon vs. David "Puck" Rainey vs. Tami Roman Jacinda Barrett: Beaten to death after being voted off. Tami Roman: Head crushed by Puck's bicycle.

David "Puck" Rainey: Thrown off his bike into a tank of piranhas which tear him apart.

The ring has been set up like a house from the show "The Real World".
Celebrity Deathmatch The Motion Picture Martin Scorsese vs. Oliver Stone Martin Scorsese: Decapitated by Oliver Stone's director's slate. Oliver Stone: Impaled thorugh the eye by a camera that fell from a helicopter.

The fighters fought using directing props to see who would direct the Celebrity Deathmatch Movie.
Groucho Marx vs. John Wayne Chico and Harpo Marx John Wayne: His head got sliced after he was thrown into Harpo's harp.

This fight was a film reel from 1955.
Cameron Díaz vs. Meryl Streep Ben Affleck and Matt Damon (they appear at the end of the episode portraying Johnny and Nick.) Cameron Díaz: Meryl Streep knocked her down with a boom mike and then impaled her on it, electrocuting her.

This fight was supposed to be acted out and staged with Streep as the loser, but Meryl took her role too seriously and killed Diaz.
Cable Day Emeril Lagasse vs. Two Fat Ladies Emeril Lagasse: Cooked into a meal.

Each fighter was supposed to make a meal out of their opponent so Mills Lane could eat it.
Jesse Camp vs. Matt Pinfield Monica and Mills Lane Jesse Camp: Jesse's idiosyncratic speech and voice cause Mills Lane to believe that Camp has brain damage. Mills "euthanizes" him by stomping on his neck, breaking it.

Alex Trebek vs. Pat Sajak Alex Trebek: Crushed in The Pit Of Punishment after getting three questions wrong consecutively. Pat Sajak: Sliced up by the wheel after failing to solve a word puzzle.

The fighters fought in a game show-like deathmatch with elements both from Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune.
4th Of July Celebration Bill Clinton vs. Kenneth Starr Hillary Clinton and Monica Lewinsky Kenneth Starr: Thrown into the Liberty Bell, causing his head to explode.

A special device was placed in the arena to determine how popular were the fighters to the crowd throughout the fight. If the fighters' popularity steeply decreased at all, they would receive a shock to the behind.
James Van Der Beek vs. Saddam Hussein Bill Clinton Bill Clinton: Ingests Saddam's hamburgers given as a gift, which were laced with various poisons. Saddam Hussein: Wrapped in the American flag, then beaten to death with a flag pole.

After killing Saddam, James Van Der Beek was arrested for desecrating an American flag, making the fight a no contest.

Abraham Lincoln vs. George Washington Richard Nixon (as George Washington's fighting coach) and Theodore Roosevelt (as Abraham Lincoln's fighting coach). Richard Nixon: Theodore Roosevelt decapitated him with a metal stick because he was spying on him and Abraham with a reel-to-reel audio recorder, as seen in the Watergate scandal (doesn't die, his head remains alive). George Washington: Body blown up by fireworks (his head remains intact and alive).

Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln: Decapitated by some loose fireworks in the arena. (Both guys' heads remain alive).

All the president's heads were put on a small Mount Rushmore model where they kept on talking and sang the US National Anthem.

Family Night I Charlie Sheen vs. Emilio Estevez Sid Figgle, Johnny Gomez's brother in law (appeared throughout the entire episode.) Emilio Estevez: He hired some prostitutes to distract Charlie while fighting, and when the prostitutes were about to kill Charlie they asked Emilio for their pay. But, when Emilio couldn't pay them in cash, they ripped him apart.

Donny and Marie Osmond vs. Eric and Julia Roberts Donny and Marie Osmond: Donny and Marie have an argument during the match after Donny uses profane language. Their argument ends with both the Osmonds chewing each other's heads off.

Jerry and Ben Stiller vs. Bob and Jakob Dylan Jakob Dylan: Jerry Stiller screams into his ear, causing his brain to explode (a play on Stiller's signature comedic device of yelling at inopportune times). Ben Stiller: Bob Dylan electrocutes him with the electric powers he got from plugging his butt into a wall with an extension cord.

Sid Fliggle: Jerry Stiller electrocutes him by pushing him onto the electric Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan: When Sid is thrown onto him, Sid's belt buckle re-directs the electricity into Bob and kills him.

Censoring Problems Ron Jeremy vs. Tommy Lee Ron Jeremy: Stabbed in the eye by Tommy Lee's enormous penis.

The fighters wore rooster costumes in a mock "cock" fight in an underground dirt ring in an undisclosed location (inadvertenly revealed by Nick as the basement of the Arena).
Alanis Morissette vs. Jewel Alanis Morissette Jewel: Alanis dropped a bag with $10,000,000 inside it on top of Jewel, turning her into a hockey puck. Alanis then whacked her into the light rigging, electrocuting her and eventually exploding.

This fight was a ladder match with a giant sack of money hanging over the ring.
The Three Stooges vs. The Three Tenors Stacey Cornbred and Mills Lane (as replacements for Johnny and Nick after they were arrested) Plácido Domingo: Moe tossed him into the time machine and used it to quickly age Domingo until he turned into dust. Moe Howard: Impaled through the eye with a plunger handle

Larry Fine: In an attempt to make himself younger using the time machine, Larry accidentally turns back into a sperm cell. He dies after he launches himself into Pavarotti's eye.

Jose Carreras: Curly smashed his face in with a reverse headbutt.

Luciano Pavarotti: Face ripped off by Curly.

Salute To Laughter Carrot Top vs. Dennis Miller Comedian 1: Stone Cold decapitated him with a cane. Carrot Top: Popped after being inflated and turned into a balloon animal.

Both comedians used their comedic schtick against each other. Dennis used obscure pop-culture references with biting wit and Carrot Top used his box of props.
Rodney Dangerfield vs. Don Rickles Comedian 2: Crushed by Stone Cold's ten-ton weight. Don Rickles: Rodney Dangerfield punched Rickles until he was reduced to pieces, then cooked him on a grill.

This fight takes place in a ring with a giant grill in the middle, literally making it a celebrity "roast".
Billy Crystal vs. Whoopi Goldberg vs. Robin Williams Joe Piscopo and celebrities of previous fights (Prince, Puff Daddy, Trent Reznor, Ben Stiller, Courtney Love and John Tesh) Joe Piscopo: Shot to pieces by Stone Cold's fruit gun after he failed to entertain the crowd. Billy Crystal: Head torn off by Robin Williams.

Robin Williams: Broken in half by Whoopi Goldberg.

This fight was originally a comedy act fund-raiser for the Celebrity Deathmatch Rehabilitation Clinic, where losing Deathmatch contestants are nursed back to health.
The Laser Pointer Elton John vs. Ozzy Osbourne Queen Elizabeth II Elton John: Ozzy Osbourne devoured his head and attempted to swallow it. The head failed to go down his throat, so the Queen saved Ozzy by giving him the Heimlich Maneuver.

Sandra Bernhard vs. Martha Stewart Sandra Bernhard: Her innards were scooped out and turned into Christmas tree ornaments.

The ring was decorated like a house for Martha Stewart.
Tom Hanks vs. Sean Penn Sean Penn: After Tom watched Sean beat up a paparazzi, Tom gets angry at Sean because he doesn't allow a regular person to make a living and Tom tears out Sean's spine and spleen

Since Tom Hanks is so friendly and probably wouldn't fight, he was locked in a cage for six months and was tortured so he would become more fierce. This had no effect at all on Tom's friendly nature.
Robot Nicky Gary Coleman vs. Rick Schroder Sammo Hung and Dennis Franz Rick Schroder: Body parts are kicked from him, putting him at Gary Coleman's height. Coleman jumped on his stomach and launches his head off.

After the fight ended, Sammo Hung came down to the ring, challenging Dennis Franz to a fight.
Lauryn Hill vs. Shania Twain Shania Twain: Brain sucked out by a milking machine.

Lauryn Hill's corner is an actual street corner torn up from Newark and fashioned with street-related and weapons, while Shania Twain's corner is decorated like a farm, complete with farm implements to be used as weapons.
Hugh Grant vs. All Comers (Clint Eastwood, Harvey Keitel and Andy Dick) Robot Hugh Grant Clint Eastwood: Turned to dust after Hugh Grant jumped on him. Harvey Keitel: Smashed into a brick wall after being launched from the ropes.

Hugh Grant: Andy Dick tears his heart out, only to find that he was fighting a robot.

Robotic Nick Diamond: When Robotic Nick became too annoying for Johnny, he ripped out his robot heart following Dick's advice.

Hugh Grant was on vacation with Nick Diamond, so they put robots in their place to fight and host, respectively.
The Prophecy Dennis Franz vs. Sammo Hung Sammo Hung: Dennis' Franz tore off his arms and legs and then crushed him when he jumped off the turnbuckle.

A grudge match (Franz's co-star, Rick Schroder, was killed in a previous Deathmatch by Hung's student, Gary Coleman).
Chris Tucker vs. Steven Wright Stone Cold Steve Austin Giant Moose: Stone Cold Steve Austin snapped its neck with a Stone Cold Stunner. Steven Wright: Intestines were pulled out through mouth by Chris Tucker.

Gwyneth Paltrow vs. Winona Ryder Stacey Cornbred Gwyneth Paltrow: Winona opens the dome and holds Gwyneth half in and half out of the dome and then Winona closes the Dome slicing Gwyneth in half. Gwyneth later collapses after Winona drops her severed legs on her. Stacey Cornbred: Spontaneously combusts following unexplained stomach pains that lasted throughout the episode.

The fight takes place inside the Dome Of Devastation with everyday house objects attached to the walls.
In The Memory Of Stacey Cornbred Bette Midler vs. Cher Minkie Laboosh (fills in for Stacey Cornbred, appears throughout the episode) Random Audience Member: He is used as a human flip coin to decide which weaponry would be used in the fight, he lands on his head and it gets crushed against the canvas. Cher: Bette Milder pours hot tar over her body and then flattens her head with a steam roller.

The fighters were given roadway construction equipment to fight with.
Roberto Benigni vs. Benito Mussolini Benito Mussolini: Is literally impaled by Roberto Benigni when he accidentally shoots himself out of a tank cannon.

Nicolas Cage vs. John Travolta Nicolas Cage: Since the fighters secretly had their rear ends exchanged during the surgery to replace their faces, John Travolta rips off Nicolas Cage's buttocks from himself and beats Cage's head with it. Travolta then takes back his own posterior and boogies.

The fighters in this fight had their faces and buttocks exchanged.
From the Streets of New York A clip show from the streets of New York City. None.
Halloween episode I Frankenstein's Monster vs. The Wolfman Mark "The Undertaker" Calaway (appears throughout the episode, in this fight and in the main event as a guest commentator) Random Audience Member: Decapitated by Frankenstein. The Wolfman: When the Wolfman turned back into a human, he attempted to disqualify Frankenstein by saying he was already dead. Mills bought it and declared the Wolfman the winner until Frankenstein crushed the Wolfman's head, stealing the win from Wolfman.

The ring had been decorated with a graveyard theme.
The Undertaker vs. Captain Doody (a demon that had possessed Nicky Jr.) Bob Saget No Deaths: The Undertaker delivers his finishing move — the Tombstone Piledriver — to Captain Doody, ending his possession of Nicky Jr. Captain Doody flies out of Nicky Jr.'s body and into a nearby popcorn vendor.

KISS vs. 'N Sync JC Chasez: Blown up by Paul Stanley's eye laser so it would be a fair fight (KISS had four members while 'N Sync had five). Peter Criss: While attempting to use a top-rope attack on Chris Kirkpatrick, he falls off the turnbuckle and cracks his skull on the ring steps.

Lance Bass: Sliced deli-style by Paul Stanley's eye laser.

Justin Timberlake: Ace Frehley uses his signature move "Frehley's Comet" to flatten Justin against the canvas by jumping with him off the turnbuckle. Frehley then uses his guitar as a raygun to disintegrate Timberlake's remains.

Joey Fatone: Hit over the head with Ace Frehley's guitar.

Paul Stanley: Gene Simmons tries to incinerate Chris Kirkpatrick with his fiery breath but Chris dodges the blast and hits Paul instead, completely incinerating him.

Chris Kirkpatrick: Earlier in the fight, Chris tied Gene Simmons to some balloons, making him float up to the ceiling. Later, Ace Frehley shoots the balloons, causing Gene to fall and crush Chris.

Each contestant in this fight was wearing a costume with special powers. The members of KISS dressed up as themselves, while 'N Sync went in gimmicky Halloween costumes.
High-Tech Fighting Billy Blanks vs. Richard Simmons Richard Simmons: Head exploded after he was tied into a bow by Blanks.

Don King vs. Donald Trump Don King: Ripped in half after Trump jumps in his mouth (This marks King's final appearance on Celebrity Deathmatch).

The ring for this fight was covered in gold, to the delight of some fans who stole parts of the ring during the fight.
Brad Pitt vs. Keanu Reeves Brad Pitt: Electrocuted after being thrown into the virtual reality arena generator by Keanu Reeves. Keanu Reeves: Head explodes after Brad Pitt's electrical impulse fries his brain.

This fight takes place in a virtual reality arena in a homage to The Matrix, one of Keanu's signature films.
Fandemonium II Ben Affleck vs. Matt Damon John Tesh and Kirk Fosnaugh, a Celebrity Deathmatch contest winn (both appear at the end of the first fight) Matt Damon: Ben Affleck kicked Matt Damon into his automatic meat pulverizer, turning him into raw beef cake. Kirk Fosnaugh: Spleen torn out by John Tesh.

The fighters were given 10 minutes before the match to build a killing machine using various metal bits and pieces. Both fighters were also allowed to reinvent the machine during the fight.
Ozzy Osbourne vs. Rob Zombie Rob Zombie: Ozzy Osbourne used a skull splitter to crack open Rob Zombie's head and pull out his brain. Ozzy later resurrects Rob as a zombie using backwards talking and voodoo magic. The zombified Rob Zombie continues to fight, but Osbourne attempts to destroy the zombie's brain (which, in legend, will destroy a zombie) by punting it into the air. Rob Zombie catches his brain, but then spikes it to the floor in celebration, which finishes him off.r

The fight takes place in a ring decorated with Satanic/Heavy Metal imagery.
Marilyn Manson vs. Ricky Martin Marilyn Manson's band Ricky Martin: Ricky Martin bit off one of Marilyn Manson's hands after Manson attempted his signature Tunisian Skeleton Grab on Ricky. The hand came to life inside Ricky Martin's stomach and busted out through the top of his head.

This was originally a rock performance by Marilyn Manson and his band performing Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes until Ricky interrupted, taking out two members of Manson's band.

Season 3 (January 27, 2000-February 11, 2001)

Episode Fight Featuring Deaths Fight Specialty
Deathbowl 2000 Andre Agassi vs. Tiger Woods Geena Davis (Appears throughout the episode), Kerri Strug and Brooke Shields Brooke Shields: Ran over by Andre Agassi's golf cart while being used by Tiger as a human shield. Tiger Woods: Explodes after having dozens of tennis balls shot up his rectum.

The ring was decorated like a tennis court, after the flipping of a gymnast to decide if it would be decorated as a tennis court or a golf course.
O.J. Simpson vs. Joe Namath Howard Cosell (As a guest commentator) Joe Namath: O.J. flattened Namath's head with a quench bucket, and then catapulted him sky-high with a tackle practice dummy, where he was impaled on a goal post. O.J. then (anachronistically) vowed to find the real killer. This fight was from the CDM archive.
Mark McGwire vs. Sammy Sosa Mark McGwire: Head batted off like a baseball, which ends up crashing into a scoreboard. Geena Davis: Stung by a scorpion while she was in desert on her way to the arena. She collapsed from exhaustion after releasing the CDM doves of peace from their cage, to which they immediately went feral on audience members. (actual cause of death is unconfirmed).

This fight was a home run derby, with the two competitors seeing how many of their opponent's bones they could break.
The New Employee Christina Aguilera vs. Britney Spears Debbie Matenopoulos, (replacing Stacy Cornbred) Both girls tore each other apart, but someone's arm was still moving. Noah Wyle did some tests and concluded a winner, but was proven wrong. No names were actually mentioned, so there's no way to figure out who won. The two pop stars had their hair tied together in a "Ponytail of Pain".
Flea vs. Kenny G Flea Kenny G: Jaw torn off by Flea and thrown in mid-air, which caused it to boomerang back into Kenny G's head.

Anthony Edwards vs. Eriq La Salle vs. Noah Wyle Noah Wyle: Anthony Edwards screams into his stethoscope causing the top of his head to explode. Then Eriq LaSalle and Anthony perform a death-operation, slashing Noah to pieces and shocking him with a defibrillator. Eriq La Salle: Edwards injects him with an intravenous bag containing malaria, causing him to turn yellow and decompose while at the same time, releasing lots of toxic gas in the arena.

The ring is partially decorated like an emergency room.
Turn on Your TV Day Bryant Gumbel vs. Katie Couric Emily Fingerhut and Willard Scott Emily Fingerhut: Bryant Gumbel crushes her with a sofa. Bryant Gumbel: Tossed into a chartboard and crushed after it collapses

The ring is decorated like the set of the Today Show.
Judge Judy vs. Susan Lucci (later Mills Lane) Susan Lucci: Head crushed inside a Bible before the fight even began. Judge Judy: After killing Susan, Judy starts fighting Mills Lane, who tries to usurp Lane's referee jurdistiction. Mills decides to fight with a blindfold since "Justice is blind." Mills Lane eventually pushes Judge Judy into a chair so hard that the chair hits the wall, causin a desk lamp to fall over and land on Judy's head, electrocuting her like she was in an electric chair.

The ring is decorated like a courtroom.
Craig Kilborn vs. Tom Green Craig Kilborn: Tom Green puts a megaphone in Craig Kilborn's mouth and screams, blowing out the back of his head.

Freak Fights Larry Flynt vs. Hugh Hefner Hugh Hefner: Flynt runs Hefner down with his wheelchair. He then takes Hugh's flattened body and folds it into a magazine and rips him in half. None.
Cousin Grimm vs. Pierce McCrack Stone Cold Steve Austin Random Audience Members: Crushed by Cousin Grimm and Pierce McCrack when they were out of control. Stone Cold Steve Austin appears and explains to them how to fight. Pierce McCrack: Cousin Grimm rips out his spinal column and impales him with it.

Part one of the Freak Fight series.
Eminem vs. Kid Rock Carson Daly(As a guest referee) and Joe C Carson Daly: Innards torn out by Joe C.

Eminem: After kicking Joe C. up to the top of the arena, he falls on Eminem's head, taking control of Eminem's body.

Kid Rock: After not acknowledging Joe C's efforts to help him win, Joe C. (using Eminem's body) jumps on Kid Rock, crushing his chest repeatedly.

This fight was call TRD (Total Request Dead), When viewers are allowed to call in to both contestants and give shout-outs to their friends.
Celebrity Deathmatch's Salute to Hollywood Kevin Costner vs. Kevin Smith Jason Mewes Kevin Costner: Eaten by a shark after he is packaged and mailed into the ocean.

Both fighters were given the choice of using a costume and weapons from their movies to fight their opponent with. Costner chose the Postman, while Smith took on as a fictional superhero from the ViewAskew universe.
Kathy Bates vs. Sharon Stone Sharon Stone: Sharon uses sledge hammer to knock Kathy's foot off. The foot ricochets around the arena until finally the sharp heel impales Sharon's forehead. The fight takes place in a ring with murder props from both of their movies.
Alfred Hitchcock vs. Steven Spielberg Steven Spielberg: Spielberg brings the Ark of the Covenant into the ring and releases spirits from it to attack Hitchcock. The spirits turn on Spielberg and tear him apart because he didn't pay them for their appearances in Raiders of the Lost Ark. None.
Congressional Hearings A clip show where Johnny and Nick argue about the show's violence before the United States Congress. Then the congress decides not to cancel the show and Senator Ted Kennedy (the only one who wanted the show canceled) starts attacking the congressmen Ted Kennedy Senator Joe Liberman: Face crushed into his skull by a head butt from senator Ted Kennedy when he contradicts Ted's veredict of arresting Stone Cold. Senator Joe Biden: Senator Ted Kennedy beats him to death with a chair when he tries to protect Tom Harkin.

Senator Tom Harkin: Senator Ted Kennedy electrocutes him on a megaphone by shoving it up his anus when he starts attacking Ted for killing Joe Liberman.

Several Jury Members: Senator Ted Kennedy crushes them when he throws a table and some chairs into the jury.

Senator Maxine Waters: Senator Ted Kennedy jumps on her back until her head pops off her body when she called him crazy and tried to call the police.

Senator Strom Thurmond: Died of a heart attack while watching the fight. He became too excited, which led to his cardiac arrest.

Senator Ted Kennedy: Stone Cold Steve Austin ripps off his arm and whacks him with it in the head until his brains pop out and get splantered all over a wall.

All fights are either clips of past fights with an American theme, or Ted Kennedy fighting the U.S. Senate.
Teen Night Alyssa Milano vs. Melissa Joan Hart Tony Danza and Salem Saberhagen the Cat Tony Danza: Face ripped off by Salem the Cat. Melissa Joan Hart and Salem: Crushed by a burning pole.

The two fighters have an assortment of spells and witchcraft material as weapons.
Mary-Kate Olsen vs. Ashley Olsen Betty-Sue Olsen (the third Olsen twin) Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: Torn to shreds by Betty-Sue Olsen. None.
Jennifer Love Hewitt and Scott Wolf vs. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe Betty-Sue Olsen Ryan Phillippe: Jenniffer Love Hewitt catapults him with a table to a disco ball hanging over the ring, then the disco ball is cut down and he lands on a table. (Death unconfirmed) Reese Witherspoon: sliced to pieces by the ropes after she is accidentally knocked into them by Scott Wolf.

Jennifer Love Hewitt: Early in the fight, Reese forces her to swallow a chicken. It becomes a third boob between her regular breasts. After the fight, when she's about to be crowned, Betty-Sue Olsen rips the chicken out from between her breasts.

Scott Wolf: Face sucked off by Betty-Sue Olsen.

The ring is decorated as if for a senior prom.
Sex, Lugs And Rock 'n' Roll Pamela Anderson vs. Heather Locklear Tommy Lee Pamela Anderson: After overusing her upgraded, radioactive breasts, they malfunction and explode. Tommy Lee: Lowered by Heather Locklear into a crate full of hungry baby tree monkeys.

The two fighters are fighting for the life or death of Tommy Lee, who is suspended over a crate of hungry baby tree monkeys. Both fighters can choose to either save or kill Tommy.
Axl Rose vs. Slash Axl Rose: Cut up into paper dolls by Slash. None.
Dale Earnhardt vs. Jeff Gordon Jeff Gordon: Crushed under Dale Earnhadt's tire and ground to a pulp by his back tire. The fight is a demolition derby set in a dirt ring.
Johnny & Debbie... In Love? (1) Chuck Woolery vs. Regis Philbin Regis Philbin: Lungs stabbed out after Chuck Woolery loses his hands and sharpens his arm stubs to points. The two fighters are contestants in a macabre game show. By answering questions correctly, one of the straps holding them in their chairs opens, allowing access to one weapon. Incorrect answers cause the remaining straps to tighten, eventually cutting off hands and feet.
Napoleon Bonaparte vs. Joe Pesci Joe Pesci: Napoleon Bonaparte puts his smelly rotten hand (which he kept in his coat) into Joe Pesci's nose. He punches him repeatedly until his brains leak out his ears. Napoleon then throws Pesci into a toybox, killing him. The fighters were given toys as weapons, a play on their small statures.
Kevin Bacon vs. All Comers (Meg Ryan, Martin Lawrence and Jesse Ventura) Meg Ryan: Thrown into the audience and impaled on a sign. Martin Lawerence: Head crushed by Kevin Bacon.

Jesse Ventura: Kevin Bacon punches a hole through his body, climbs into the hole, and tears him in half.

Time Travelling (2) Nick Diamond vs. The Satyr Napoleon Bonaparte and Julius Caesar (As a guest commentator) Napoleon Bonaparte: Stomped on and eaten by a T-rex before the first deathmatch. No Deaths: While the Satyr is distracted by a woman in the audience, Nick shoves a Roman Candle up his rectum which blows him in half. This does not kill the Satyr, but it is enough to end the fight.

The match is fought in the ancient Roman Coliseum, which is overseen by Julius Caesar.
Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Dr. Watson Dr. Watson: Stabbed, sliced in half, forced to eat a British meat pie and then decapitated by Jack the Ripper. Jack the Ripper: Impaled by the knives hanging in his coat when Sherlock Holmes buttons it for him.

The match is fought in the darkened streets of the 1880s London.
Joan Rivers vs. Melissa Rivers Joan Rivers: The knot holding all of her face-lifted skin is untied, causing most of her flesh to fall off. None.
In the Head of Nicky Jr. Rage Against the Machine vs. The Machine Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk: Sliced in half. Zack de la Rocha and Tom Morello: Crushed and sliced to pieces. Their remains are both stuffed into jars afterward.

Al Gore vs. "Weird Al" Yankovic "Weird Al" Yankovic: Al Gore sucks out his brain through a vacant eyehole None.
John Cusack vs. John Malkovich John Cusack: Electrocuted by a nerve. The two combatants are fighting on top of Nicky Jr.'s brain.
The Battle of the Heavy Metal Maniacs Beni Trauma vs. Potato Khan Mankind (appears throughout the episode, in this fight and in the second fight as a guest commentator) Beni Trauma: Decapitated and ripped to pieces by a mutated Potato Khan's tentacles. Potato Khan then cooked his head and fed it to a kid celebrating his birthday. Throughout the episode, Potato Khan cooked for him, using Beni Trauma's parts. second part of the Freak Fight series.
Ernest Hemingway vs. Mick "Mankind" Foley Ernest Hemingway: Mankind uses his sock puppet, Mr. Socko and his signature move "the Mandible Claw", to tear off Ernest Hemingway's lower jaw. His brain, eyes and tongue fall to the floor. None.
Fred Durst vs. James Hetfield Fred Durst: Is stuffed with metal objects via vacuum cleaner (in reverse). Each object rips through him when the turnbuckle magnets turn on,. James Hetfield, Mankind, and Mills Lane: After Mankind gets locked out of the arena, he shows up from the skylight and dives into the ring, causing it to implode upon himself, Mills and Hetfield.

The two combatants are wearing steel plate armor, and the turnbuckles have electromagnets on them.
Best of WWF A clip show of the fights involving wrestlers of the WWF starring Mick Foley (A.K.A "Mankind")
The Prisoners Bruce Springsteen vs. James Gandolfini Steven Van Zandt (As a guest referee) Steven Van Zandt: Ripped in half by Bruce Springsteen and James Gandolfini. James Gandolfini: Flushed down a high-powered toilet.

The fighters fought using bathroom equipment such as urinals, toilets and blow dryers in order to see who would adopt a rest area on the New Jersey Turnpike.
Drew Barrymore vs. Farrah Fawcett Drew Barrymore: Neck stretched and snapped back, slicing her in half down the middle. Each fighter has a specific, animal-related fighting style. Barrymore uses "Giraffe-Style", while Fawcett uses "Dodo-Style".
Christian Slater vs. Robert Downey Jr. Security Guard: Christian Slater is shoved inside of him and rips his way out through the security guard's head. Christian Slater: Robert uses a meat slicer which he smuggled into the ring to grind him to pieces.

The ring has been decorated like a prison courtyard.
Courtney Love Returns Eddie Murphy vs. Nick Nolte Random Audience Member: Nick Nolte ripps his face off. Eddie Murphy: Nick Nolte tears his heart out and shoves it in his mouth.

When the fight started, Murphy was nowhere to be seen so Nolte began attacking random audience members in order to find him (a reference to Murphy often using heavy makeup in his film roles). Eventually, Murphy did show up, dressed as Nolte which confused him even more.
Macaulay Culkin vs. Haley Joel Osment Bruce Willis and the ghosts of dead celebrities ("Weird Al" Yankovic, Emeril Lagasse, Sandra Bernhard, Antonio Banderas, Kid Rock, Richard Nixon, Cher and Matt Damon) Macaulay Culkin: Torn apart by the ghosts of dead celebrities and then comes back as a ghost. The ring has been decorated like a playground.
Dave Grohl and Billy Corgan vs. Courtney Love Billy Corgan: Shows up late to the fight and gets his head caught in the Dome Of Devastation as it's closing. Eventually Corgan's head is crushed by the dome. Courtney Love: Dave Grohl chews through a wire holding a self-playing piano to the roof of the Dome Of Devastation, causing it to fall on top of Courtney Love.

The match is fought in the Dome of Devastation with musical instruments hanging from the top.
The Return of Lucy Lawless David Arquette vs. Paul Reiser Lucy Lawless (As a guest commentator, appears throughout the episode) Popcorn Seller: Impaled by Lucy Lawless's fangirl. Paul Reiser: David Arquette puts a cell phone in Paul Reiser's head. The radiation emitted from the phone causes his head to explode.

The fighters were given different types of telephones to use as weapons in reference to their numerous roles in phone-related advertisements.
Michael Douglas vs. Martin Sheen Michael Douglas: Martin Sheen decapitates him with his own femur bone and then impales his head on a microphone. The ring has been decorated like the set of American President.
TLC vs. Dixie Chicks Lucy Lawless's fangirl: Ripped in half by Dixie Chicks and TLC. Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins: She's sitting down on a table when Emily Robinson lands on it sending the table sky high and it whacks her head off.

Emily Robison: Smashed through a mirror when she is catapulted by Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes and bleeds to death.

Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas: Martie Maguire throws alcohol bottles into her mouth, then jumps on her head and her head is blown to pieces by the broken beer bottles.

Martie Maguire and Natalie Maines: Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes unties a chandelier which is above them and when it falls it crushes Martie and blows Natalie to pieces.

Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes: Hacked to pieces by Lucy Lawless upon trying to steal her trophy.

The ring has been decorated like a southern bar.
Halloween episode II Brendan Fraser vs. The Mummy John Tesh, Martha Stewart, Rodney Dangerfield, Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Affleck and Michael Jackson The Mummy: One of his bandages gets caught on Rodney Dangerfield's watch, causing the Mummy to unravel. Brendan hits him in the butt with a chair, causing the Mummy's spine to fly out through the top of his skull.

Sarah Michelle Gellar vs. The Vampire Sarah Michelle Gellar: Her blood is sucked out by The Vampire None.
Zombie Stacey Cornbred vs. Debbie Matenopoulos Zombie Stacey Cornbred: Crammed through a small crack in a door by Debbie Matenopoulos. Her remains are eaten by other zombies. All Zombies: Explode after eating the chunks of zombie Stacey Cornbred.

A Night of Vomit Burt Reynolds vs. William Shatner Burt Reynolds: Shatner rips open Reynolds' torso and takes out his internal organs. None.
Ellen DeGeneres vs. Dr. Laura David Crosby Dr. Laura: Beaten and held upside down, causing her brain to fall out. Viewers are allowed to call in to both contestants.
George W. Bush vs. Gavin Rossdale George Bush, Sr. and Barbara Bush George W. Bush: Head explosion via guitar riffs from Gavin Rossdale's guitar. None.
Suddenly Diamond Diana Ross vs. Whitney Houston Diana Ross: Head burned via x-ray machine. The fight leaves the ring.
Anthony Hopkins vs. Jodie Foster Julianne Moore Jodie Foster: Devoured by Anthony Hopkins. The two combatants have been deprived of food for some time, are covered in bacon and vegetable oil, and have their hands tied behind their back, so that they will fight by trying to eat each other.
Charlton Heston vs. Russell Crowe Charlton Heston: Crushed by the collapsing Tower of Terror. The objective of the match is to reach the top of the Tower of Terror, a titanium tower covered in traps activated from the announcers' booth.
Family Night II Ashley Judd vs. Wynonna Judd David Letterman (as a guest commentator in the Main Event; appears throughout the episode) Ashley Judd: After using a straw to suck out Wynonna's fat, Ashley's head becomes filled with blubber. She falls face-forward, splattering her head across the ring.. None.
Carroll O'Connor vs. Sherman Hemsley Carroll O'Connor and Sherman Hemsley: Both are found dead in a closet after falling down a flight of stairs. This fight is from the CDM archives. A 1970s-style house sitcom set has been set up in the ring.
Alec and Daniel Baldwin vs. Damon and Keenen Ivory Wayans Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans, William Baldwin, and Stephen Baldwin (all four are buried up to their necks on the beach; the winning family saves their other two siblings from the rising tide) Damon Wayans: Organs torn from him by Daniel Baldwin. Keenen Ivory Wayans: Torn to pieces by Daniel Baldwin.

Alec Baldwin: Head bit off by Daniel Baldwin.

Marlon Wayans and Shawn Wayans: Are not saved from the rising tide.

William Baldwin and Stephen Baldwin: Are not saved from the rising tide.

Each sibling team is fighting to save their other siblings from drowning on the beach, having been buried in the sand from the neck down at low tide.
Celebrity Deathmatch Top 10 A top 10 fights show hosted by Jerry Springer.
Nick's Little Friend Phil Collins vs. Sting Sting: Head smashed by his own severed feet, leaving only his brain and eyeballs. This match goes on throughout the whole show as Sting attempts to do every Kama Sutra position with Collins.
Warren Beatty and Annette Bening vs. Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon Warren Beatty and Susan Sarandon: Both impaled on the tusks of two audience members' rhino-shaped hats. None.
Ol' Dirty Bastard vs. LeAnn Rimes LeAnn Rimes: Ol' Dirty Bastard stomps on her head repeatedly while pulling her tongue out until she finally dies. None.
Nick Gets High Dana Carvey vs. Mike Myers Klaus The Sprockets Monkey: He removes the metal clogs in one side of a weight and he's catapulted out of the ring and into a wall. Mike Myers: Dana forces Mike's pinkie finger through his skull.

another Actor's Showcase Showdown, where both fighters act out roles from both SNL and previous movies.
Angelina Jolie vs. Sandra Bullock James Haven Random Audience Member: Accidentally hit in the head with a knife thrown by Angelina Jolie. James Haven: Bomb explosion after fishing it out from Angelina Jolie's buttocks.

Sandra Bullock: Angelina stretches out her lips and places them on opposite ring posts. She proceeds to suck in air, drawing Sandra towards her until her lips whip off the ring posts and slice Sandra in half.

Leonardo DiCaprio vs. Woody Harrelson Leonardo DiCaprio: Knocked into a Venus fly trap by Woody Harrelson and eaten. The ring has been decorated like a rain forest.
Deathcon 2001 Linda Hamilton vs. Sigourney Weaver Sigourney Weaver: Impaled on a small chest-burster figurine. None
Cousin Grimm vs. Potato Khan Random Audience Member: Decapitated by Potato Khan when he sees him eating some french fries. Potato Khan: Is sliced by a grate that Cousin Grimm was holding. He regenerates as numerous small pieces, he doesn't die since he eventually recomposes after killing Cousin Grimm.

Cousin Grimm: After eating the small remains of Potato Khan, they get into his brain, hurting him from the inside. He tries to get them out by smashing his head into the turnbuckle and bashing his head with his club, the end result being that he smashes his own head in.

part three of the Freak Fight series.
Harrison Ford vs. Samuel L. Jackson George Lucas (as a guest referee) and Zatar the Alien Samuel L. Jackson: Sliced into pieces and made into a birdhouse. George Lucas: In an attempt to escape from fans, George Lucas gets caught in a Death Star-style garbage disposal and is crushed.

All The Audience In The CDM Arena: Vaporized when Zatar blows the arena to pieces with a giant blast from his space ship in an obvious homage to Independence Day.

Supposed to be Guest Referee, but Lucas was trying the whole episode to stay away from the fanboys.
Fandemonium 2000 Beavis vs. Butt-Head Nicholas Kammerman, the biggest fan of Celebrity Deathmatch (appears throughout the entire episode) and the Great Cornholio Butt-Head: Beavis, as the Great Cornholio, slices him up into meat strips with tongs and a spatula to make "TP for [his] bunghole". This is the only Deathmatch between two 2D animated characters.
Backstreet Boys vs. 'N Sync Satan Nicholas Kammeraman: Nick shoves him down a toilet in a Satanic ritual, which is full of lava. Joey Fatone: Head crushed against a wall (Mentioned to have lived next episode).

Backstreet Boys: JC Chasez trips them over while transformed as the Backstreet Beast and they fall on some spiked railings Chris Kirkpatrick held up and get impaled.

Several Audience Members: The Backstreet Beast stomps them flat when it takes control of the transformed Backstreet Boys.

Backstreet Beast: Justin Timberlake electrocutes it with some electric wires.


Season 4 (July 22, 2001-June 6, 2002)

Episode Fight Featuring Winner Cause of Death Fight Specialty
Where is Bob Costas? Lil' Kim vs. Little Richard John Tesh (As a guest commentator, appears throughout the episode) Lil' Kim Random Audience Member: Head sliced off by Lil' Kim's shuriken flower pasties. Little Richard: Lil' Kim pushed his organs out of the holes where his nipples used to be.

Helen Hunt vs. Leelee Sobieski Leelee Sobieski (although when she wins, Leelee pretends to be Helen Hunt to steal her career) Helen Hunt: Sobieski feeds Helen her own hair, which is so long that it flows through her ears from her mouth. Leelee pulls the hair sticking through Helen's ears, causing her head to implode. Bob Costas: Murdered by John Tesh (actual death occurred before the show, but Johnny Gomez discovered his remains after this fight.)

George Clooney vs. Mark Wahlberg Paul Newman and Robert Redford Paul Newman and Robert Redford George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg: Jumped on by Paul Newman and Robert Redford from the catwalks.

Slaughter and the City Steve Irwin vs. Medusa Steve Irwin Random Audience Member: Turned to stone. Popcorn Seller: Turned to stone.

Medusa: Steve Irwin accidentally decapitated her when she pushed him away after he put a ruck-sack over her head.

Drew Carey vs. Ray Romano Ray Romano Drew Carey: Scratched his own face off after Ray slingshotted his protective cup into his face, causing his face to break out in jock itch. None.
Kim Cattrall vs. Cynthia Nixon vs. Kristin Davis vs. Sarah Jessica Parker Medusa's head Kristin Davis Cynthia Nixon: Kim Cattrall stuck her "back massager" into her throat and turned it on, vibrating Cynthia Nixon's head off.

Sarah Jessica Parker: Kim Cattrall slammed two high-heel sandals into her head heel-first.

Kim Cattrall: Broken in half by Kristin Davis's "back massager".

Kristin Davis, Johnny Gomez, Nick Diamond, Mills Lane, and Celebrity Deathmatch audience: Turned to stone upon looking at Medusa's head.

A Celebrity Deathmatch Special Report Katie Holmes vs. Keri Russell Whoopi Goldberg and Claire Danes Claire Danes (Mills Lane declares her the winner of this fight at the end of the episode) Keri Russell: Inflated to mass proportions and popped by Claire Danes, who used hydrogen-peroxide darts. Katie Holmes: Died in the explosion of Keri Russell.

Celebrity Deathmatch audience: They all perished in the explosion of Keri Russell.

The fight was shown in a recording, since the episode begun after this fight.
Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond vs. Sam Donaldson Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond Sam Donaldson: Johnny Gomez shoved a microphone down his throat, then Nick Diamond put a hose in his mouth. The firefighters in the stadium turned on the water, filling Sam Donaldson's stomach with water and electrocuting him. A grudge match. After the explosion of Keri Russel which destroyed most of the arena, Johnny and Nick speed to the hospital since Johnny is wounded, however, when they see on TV that Sam Donaldson is tells everyone both Johnny and Nick are dead to take their spot as CDM host, they return to fight him.
Claire Danes vs. Whoopi Goldberg No Winner No Deaths Whoopi Goldberg and Claire Danes stopped fighting to make Claire Danes confess why she shot the hydrogen peroxide dart at Keri Russell. None.
Blink 182 vs. 98 Degrees 98 Degrees vs. Blink-182 Potato Khan (Made a cameo in the basement in his Deathcon 2001 form), Jessica Simpson and George W. Bush 98 Degrees Several Audience Members: Killed when the nuke bots left the arena through a wall. Several Audience Members: Blink-182 shot them at 98 Degrees like darts.

No Deaths: 98 Degrees simply blasted Blink 182's robot in half by shooting missiles at its crotch. However, Blink 182 survived the blasts.

Both bands fought each other in giant Gundam ripoff robots.
98 Degrees vs. Jessica Simpson George W. Bush Jessica Simpson 98 Degrees' Robot: Had its head knocked off after Jessica Simpson blew into a manhole and sent the lid of another one flying. 98 Degrees: George W. Bush launched a missile to destroy 98 Degrees's robot, but his watch was fast, causing George W. Bush to launch it too early. When the missile was about to land in the city, a giant Jessica Simpson (made so by Stone Cold's enlarging ray) lobbed the head of 98 Degrees's robot at the missile, blowing it up but killing 98 Degrees in the explosion.

98 Degrees was still in their giant Gundam ripoff robot, while Jessica Simpson has been turned into a giant by Stone Cold Steve Austin's enlarging ray.
Food Fights Jonathan Davis vs. Meat Loaf Jonathan Davis Several KoRn Fans: Crushed by Meat Loaf when he got swung out of the ring by Jonathan Davis and landed in the audience. Meat Loaf: First, his head was cracked open after he landed headfirst on the steel chairs leading to the ring. He was later revived by fans in the audience who were listening to his trademark baseline. But, in a direct imitation of one of Korn's music videos, he was shot by a piece of corn that came from Jonathan Davis's butt.

Colonel Sanders vs. Dave Thomas Dave Thomas Colonel Sanders: Decapitated by a hen Dave Thomas had rescued from him. Colonel Sanders's headless body ran around until it fell into a deep-frier. The ring has been decorated with fast food props.
Michael Caine vs. Kevin Spacey Dave Thomas Dave Thomas Michael Caine: Kevin Spacey put him under a heat lamp, causing him to "plump" up like a hot dog and explode.

Kevin Spacey: Eaten alive by Dave Thomas.

Michael Caine has been dressed up like a hot dog, while Kevin Spacey has been dressed up like a hamburger.
Where Is Albert Einstein's Brain? Albert Einstein vs. Joanie "Chyna" Laurer Joanie "Chyna" Laurer Albert Einstein: Brain squeezed out after being wrapped in his own tongue. None.
Eddie Vedder vs. Scott Stapp Tom Waits Eddie Vedder and Tom Waits Scott Stapp: After Stapp's larynx was torn apart by barbed wire, Tom Waits entered the ring believing that Stapp was trying to steal his characteristic voice. Waits punched Stapp in the face until his head was crushed. The ropes in the ring were replaced with barbed wire for this fight. This fight concerned Vedder and Stapp's similar singing voices.
David Blaine vs. David Copperfield Claudia Schiffer David Copperfield Popcorn Seller: David Blaine bursts out of him. Dove: Decapitated (and brought back to life) by David Blaine.

David Copperfield's escort: Head ripped off in an attempt for David Copperfield to upstage David Blaine.

David Blaine: Knocked into a piranha tank and eaten alive.

The two fighters were given their items from their TV specials to perform magic while fighting one another.
Debbie is Pregnant Corey Feldman vs. Corey Haim Harvey Weinstein No Winner Corey Haim: Crushed by Harvey Weinstein. Corey Feldman and Harvey Weinstein: Impaled by the pole Weinstein was sitting on.

The two combatants were trying to climb to the top of a pole with Harvey Weinstein perched at the top, ready to offer the winner the leading role in a film.
Lisa Ling vs Lucy Liu Barbara Walters Lucy Liu Lisa Ling: Kicked through the skull. None.
Kobe Bryant vs. Shaquille O'Neal Kobe Bryant Shaquille O'Neal: Various body parts and internal organs ripped out/off and used as makeshift basketballs. The two combatants played a game of basketball with each other's body parts.
Gottfried in the Arena Frankie Muniz vs. Robert Iler Gilbert Gottfried (Temporary replacement for Debbie Matenopoulos, appears throughout the episode) Frankie Muniz Robert Iler: Frankie Muniz tricked him into eating spiked Ravioli (which was stuffed with antacids). As a result, his stomach exploded. The winner of this fight would be made ten years younger with the CDM time machine so he could continue being a chid star. However, when Frankie is placed in the machine, a power surge (caused by Mills Lane) causes Frankie to become an old man.
J.K. Rowling vs. Stephen King Stephen King's Robotic Leg Stephen King: Electrocuted by a lightning bolt manifested by the magic of Lord Voldemort. J.K. Rowling: The lightning activates King's mechanical leg, which knocks off Rowling's head.

Naomi Campbell vs. Rebecca Romijn-Stamos Naomi Campbell Rebecca Romijn-Stamos: Sprayed with Naomi Campbell's stomach acid. Due to a cheese-related accident (caused by Nick Diamond) inside the green room, Naomi and Rebecca are forced to fight in their bra and panties.
Battle of the Superfreaks All Freak Fights.
Clash of the Trashy Titans Chuck Berry vs. James Brown Chuck Berry James Brown: Crushed by an overhead light after the lasers he was firing from his feet bounced off of Chuck Berry and hit the light.

George Michael vs. Paul Reubens Paul Reubens George Michael: Ripped apart by a tiger that was awakened when Paul said the secret word "Sucker", causing everyone in the Arena to scream wildly. Both combatants are dressed as Roman gladiators using spare parts as armor and weapons.
Halle Berry vs. Shannen Doherty Cyber Shannen Doherty Shannen Doherty: A car engine fell on her head and crushed her. However, the engine fuses with her brain and she came back to life as a living machine. Halle Berry: Sliced in half by the motor fused with Shannen Doherty's head.

The two combatants fought in the Dome of Devastation, which has been filled with car parts.
The Mysterious T Anne Robinson vs. Bob Barker John Edward (guest commentator) Bob Barker Anne Robinson: Ovaries and internal organs were ripped out. None.
John Edward vs. Miss Cleo Miss Cleo John Edward: Giant 8-ball shoved in throat and then decapitated. Nostradamus was originally billed to fight John Edwards, but left a note in the time machine saying that he forfeited because he foresaw his own demise. The fighters were given a medium's tools to fight with.
Beyoncé Knowles vs. Missy Elliott Mathew Knowles and Mr. T (appears at the end of the episode) Beyoncé Knowles Missy Elliott: Stung to death by killer bees inside the "Mystery Box of Fun".

This was a ladder match. At the top of the ladder was a "Mystery Box of Fun".
Celebrity Deathmatch: North vs South Derek Jeter vs. John Rocker Derek Jeter John Rocker: Electrocuted by a Die-Hard battery. None.
Faith Hill vs. Janet Jackson Faith Hill Janet Jackson: Her front was ripped off, causing her internal organs to spill out. None.
Robert E. Lee vs. Ulysses S. Grant Ronnie Van Zant and Allen Collins Ulysses S. Grant's thumb Robert E. Lee & Ulysses S. Grant: Both got into a sword duel and slashed each other to pieces. With only their thumbs remaining, the fight quickly turned into a small thumb war, which Grant's thumb won by jumping on and crushing Lee's thumb.

The Missing Beatles Tape Bill Maher vs. Conan O'Brien Conan O'Brien Bill Maher: Skull stomped through. Then Conan O'Brien picked his face and played with it in a gag similarly seen on Conan O'Brien's talkshow. None.
Anna Nicole Smith vs. Sarah Ferguson Ted Turner Anna Nicole Smith Sarah Ferguson: Fergie's chest exploded after Anna Nicole married her in a move known as the Black Widow Wipeout. None.
George Harrison vs. John Lennon vs. Paul McCartney vs. Ringo Starr Yoko Ono No Winner: John Lennon and Paul McCartney stop fighting to perform with Yoko Ono. Then the tape cut out because Nick Diamond recorded over the fight with an episode of JAG. Paul McCartney: Ringo whacked him out of the ring with his "spiked rings of death" and he got impaled on a sign. Although this proved fatal to Paul, he didn't die since he eventually returned to the ring anyway. Ringo Starr: Head smashed with a giant silver hammer from Paul.

George Harrison: Paul and John ambushed him, citing him as the reason for the Beatles' breakup. Paul jumped on him and crushed his head.

This fight is from the CDM archives.
Nicky Jr.'s Birthday Beck vs. Björk Johann Sebastian Bach Johann Sebastian Bach Björk: Sliced in half by Johann Sebastian Bach's plow while complementing Bach. Beck: Bach twists his neck and punches his head off.

Each combatant had a groundbreaking instrument to use as a weapon. Beck chose a portable set of two turntables and a microphone , while Björk chose a keyboard with a miniature mixing board and a sound generator.
Tony Bennett vs. Willie Nelson Willie Nelson Tony Bennett: Disintegrated by a laser fired from Willie Nelson's third eye, which was revealed after Willie took off his bandanna. None.
Anna Kournikova vs. Elizabeth Hurley Anna Kournikova Teenage Boys in the "Pit of Puberty": Ripped apart by Anna Kournikova. Elizabeth Hurley: Dragged through the 'Pit Of Puberty' grate by Anna Kournikova, her head was split open and her brain popped out.

In the middle of the ring was the "Pit of Puberty", a pit filled with sex-starved adolescent boys.
Salute to Laughter II Jenna Elfman vs. Kathy Griffin John Patrick and Maggie Griffins (Kathy Griffin's Parents), Brooke Shields Kathy Griffin Jenna Elfman: Upper section of her body is shredded by Kathy Griffin's "motor mouth."
Buster Keaton vs. Charlie Chaplin Fatty Arbuckle Buster Keaton Charlie Chaplin: Flattened by a train.

This fight is from the CDM archives
Bill Murray vs. Chris Kattan Bill Murray Chris Kattan: Bowled into the ringpost, causing him to get smashed to pieces. Shortly afterwards, he comes back to life as a ghost. Bill Murray: "Slimed" three times by Kattan's spirit before realizing that he's caught in a loop.

Chris Kattan's Ghost: Bill Murray sucks him into the ghost capturing machinery from his movie Ghostbusters.

The third Actor's Showcase Showdown, with both combatants acting out roles from movies and SNL sketches.
Mills' Memory Lane Clip Show about Mills Lane.
Fandemonium IV Special Survivor Episode Jeff Probst Tina Wesson Sonia Christopher: Accidentally impaled by her ukulele upon landing in the ring. Rudy Boesch: Decapitated by Colby Donaldson using a stick.

Kelly Wiglesworth: Head eaten by Susan Hawk.

Michael Skupin: Fell into a fire upon entering the ring

Susan Hawk: Impaled on a little girl outside of the ring.

Jerri Manthey: Stomach exploded after being fed uncooked rice and hot water by Keith Famie.

Keith Famie: Decapitated by knives wielded by Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Tina Wesson smashed her head into a turnbuckle.

Colby Donaldson: Tina Wesson smashed his head between her breasts . Colleen Haskell: Neck broken after getting her head jammed up Richard Hatch's butt.

Richard Hatch: He flew head-first toward the wall after Tina Wesson knocked him out of the ring with her breasts after he tried to squeeze them. His head was crushed when he hit the wall.

Jeff Probst: Tina Wesson burned him with a torch as revenge for leaving them deserted in the Outback.

The rest of the "Survivor" cast was eaten by Richard Hatch.

The ring has been decorated like the "Survivor" island.
Assamania I LL Cool J vs. Queen Latifah Queen Latifah LL Cool J: Torn up by a spring. None.
Mandy Moore vs. Pink Pink Mandy Moore: Stabbed in the side of the head with her sharpened lollipop. Her brains are then blown through her ear and spilled on the floor. None.
Ben Stein vs. Johnny Knoxville Johnny Knoxville Ben Stein: Beaten to death by the rabid donkey. The fight is played out like a game show.
Rockstarmagedon Jimi Hendrix vs. Lenny Kravitz Jimi Hendrix Lenny Kravitz: Forced to swallow Jimi Hendrix's vomit, which got stuck in his throat. Jimi Hendrix then pushed him into the ropes and clotheslined him, causing his throat to explode. None.
Bob Marley vs. Shaggy Bob Marley Shaggy: Was impaled by a ring post by Marley continuously until his entire body was festered with holes. Bob Marley then used the ringpost as a blunt to smoke Shaggy's remains. None.
Dave Matthews vs. Keith Richards Keith Richards Cloned Keith Richards: Evaporated after seeing the clone of Keith Richards making the real Keith much stronger. Dave Matthews: Heart exploded after his circulatory system was filled with Keith Richards' contaminated blood.

Nick Diamond thought that Keith Richards was dead and thus he made Stone Cold bring him back to life. But, Keith wasn't dead, so a clone of Keith Richards was created. The cloned Keith Richards eventually evaporated, making the real one much stronger.
Celebrity Deathmatch: Behind the Scenes An in-depth look at the making of the actual show.

MTV2 Season 5 (June 10, 2006-July 29, 2006)

Episode Fight Featuring Winner Cause of Death Fight Specialty
Celebrity Deathmatch: Bigger And Better Than Ever! Paris Hilton vs. Nicole Richie Nicole Richie Paris Hilton: Burned alive by Nicole Richie's perfume-like blowtorch. None.
Bam Margera vs. Tony Hawk "The Masked Man" and Don Vito Bam and Don Vito Margera Tony Hawk: Eaten alive by Don Vito, who was actually trying to eat Bam. Vert ramps have been placed in the ring, allowing the combatants to fight and skate at the same time.
Bam Margera vs.Don Vito Bam Margera Don Vito: Bam knocked him down by kicking him in the testicles and stuffed lit fireworks into his mouth, which blew him to pieces. This fight wasn't planned. Don Vito interrupted the main event by devouring Tony Hawk and then proceeded to attack Bam Margera.
The Changing Of The Guard Bono vs. Chris Martin "The Masked Man" Bono Chris Martin: Feet, arms, eyes, and heart ripped out. Bono and Chris Martin originally planned to perform a charity concert to raise enough money to get the violent CDM canceled (much to the disgust of the audience and the announcers), but disagreed over who would perform first, thus starting the deathmatch.
Ashton Kutcher vs. Bruce Willis Demi Moore Demi Moore Ashton Kutcher and Bruce Willis: Both of their heads were kicked off by Demi Moore. None.
Robert De Niro vs. James Gandolfini Robert De Niro James Gandolfini: Decapitated after Robert DeNiro hit him in the face with a metal baseball bat. His body was then stuffed into the trunk of a car. None.
Sibling Slaughterhouse Charlie Sheen vs. Colin Farrell Charlie Sheen Colin Farrell: Sliced in half with his own spear by a drunken Charlie Sheen. Referee Mills Lane got the fighters drunk so they could fight harder.
Simon Cowell vs. Ryan Seacrest Paula Abdul Ryan Seacrest Simon Cowell: Stabbed in the head (and through the brain) by a stool leg. None.
The Osbourne Kids vs. The Olsen Twins Kelly Osbourne Mary-Kate Olsen's Dog: Head bitten off by Jack Osbourne. Jack Osbourne: He seemed to have died of death erection. After being kicked in the testicles, he was told by Mary-Kate Olsen that sometimes she and her sister shower together, causing him to have a killer orgasm.

Mary-Kate Olsen: After eating Kelly Osbourne's cupcake, her body became bloated. Her stomach rejected her body and busted out of it, killing her instantly.

Ashley Olsen: Four CDs, thrown by Kelly like shuriken, hit her in the face.

Shaq vs. Kobe Missy Elliott vs. Gwen Stefani Missy Elliott Missy Elliott: Tried to ram Gwen Stefani but was decapitated by a clothespin move. Somehow, she survived and reattached her severed head. After telling Mills Lane that she wasn't finished (and that she wasn't using special effects in her music video), the fight was continued. Gwen Stefani: Two lollipops were pierced through her eyes, then her head was twisted off.

Kevin Federline vs. Justin Timberlake Kevin Federline Several Audience Members: Sucked into Justin Timberlake's tornado after he used his "Tornado Spin" dance move. Justin Timberlake: Brain obliterated by Federline. First, Kevin melts a part of it with his horrible rap (which only Mills Lane enjoys) and then he destroyed the rest of it by punching Timberlake through the side of the head.

Kobe Bryant vs. Shaquille O'Neal Shaquille O'Neal Kobe Bryant: His head was ripped off by Shaq, who tore off the remaining body parts and used them for free-throw practice after the match. Basketball hoops were placed above two ends of the ring.
Night of Comedy Comeback Ali G vs Jamie Kennedy Jamie Kennedy Several Audience Members: Were brutally attacked by Ali G while he tried to figure out where Jamie Kennedy was. Ali G: Fingers and eyebrows removed, then had his stomach slashed open with his own necklace.

Several times throughout the fight Jamie Kennedy disguised himself as other people to prank Ali G like in his show The Jamie Kennedy X'Periment
Rodney Dangerfield vs. Rob Schneider Rodney Dangerfield Rob Schneider: Flattened when Rodney Dangerfield successfully pulled off a Triple Lindy (the diving move he used in the movie "Back to School"). None.
Adam Sandler vs. Ben Stiller Adam Sandler Ben Stiller: Head punted off after Adam Sandler threw a football into his mouth. The fighters at first refused to fight since they would rather criticize each other's movies. However Mills Lane forced them to fight by threatening to bring the cast of MAD TV to perform their sketches live.
Stand-up vs. Smack Down Paul Teutul Sr. vs. Xzibit Paul Teutul Sr. Xzibit: Ripped in half at the torso by Paul Teutul Sr.'s mutated mustache.

The fighters were given spare vehicle parts to build their own deathmobiles.
Jack Black vs. Jack White Meg White The White Stripes Jack Black: Head exploded after Jack and Meg forced a tightly buttoned shirt on him. None.
Chris Rock vs. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Sean Penn Chris Rock Sean Penn: Mills Lane slammed a brick into his head. The Rock: Chris Rock launched himself off the ropes head first and shot through Dwayne's body, leaving a gaping hole.

When Animals Attack Chris Farley vs. Horatio Sanz Albert Einstein (As a guest commentator, appears throughout the episode) Chris Farley Chris Farley: (Died six times) He died out of heart attacks before the fight could even start. However, since he died before the fight officially started, Mills Lane just brought him back to life over and over again. Horatio Sanz: Chris Farley finally made it to the ring and killed Horatio by pulling on his tongue until his insides came out.

Adam West vs. Christian Bale Adam West Christian Bale: He was crushed by a giant spotlight when West flinged him into the lights, which knocked them down on top of Chritian. None.
Jamie Foxx vs. Ray Charles Ray Charles Ray Charles Random Audience Member: Head completely knocked off by Ray Charles's "Cat-o'-Nine-Grammy-Awards," which is similar to the whip called Cat o' nine tails Jamie Foxx: Head crushed inside Ray Charles's grand piano.

Jamie Foxx was punk'd into this deathmatch, thinking he would be fighting Redd Foxx. Also halfway through the fight Mills Lane provides the fighters with a Grand Piano.
Season Finale William Hung vs. Ricky Martin William Hung Ricky Martin: Exact mode of death not shown. William Hung attacked Ricky in a bullet-time attack when the camera cut to Nick Diamond. When it cut back, Ricky Martin was dead, apparently from severe cuts and removal of the eyes. None.
Pamela Anderson vs. Tommy Lee Pamela Anderson Tommy Lee: Pamela tricked Tommy into believing she still loved him after he proposed to her again. When Tommy wasn't looking, Pam crushed Tommy's head with her enormous boobs. None.
Jason "Wee-Man" Acuña vs. Verne Troyer Johnny Knoxville, William Hung Pamela Anderson and various dead celebrities from previous fights Wee-Man and Johnny Knoxville Cat: Thrown against a wall by Tally Wong. Verne Troyer: Jason "Wee Man" Acuña and Johnny Knoxville pulled and twisted him until his insides spilled out in a trick Knoxville called "Pulled Pork".

The match began outside the ring.

MTV2 Season 6 (February 9, 2007-March 30, 2007)

Episode Fight Featuring Deaths Fight Specialty
The Beginning Of Celebrity Deathmatch Mischa Barton vs. Kristin Cavallari Mischa Barton: Kristin Cavallari sliced Mischa's head off with her father's black Amex card. None.
Jake Gyllenhaal vs. Tobey Maguire Tobey Maguire: Beaten to death with his own leg, much to the dismay of Mills Lane ("You killed Spider-Man, you jerk!"). Gyllenhall was going to use a zodiac to determine how he was going to kill Tobey (an obvious reference to the film Zodiac), but it landed on Cancer. Gyllenhaal, who decided that cancer would take too long, abandoned this plan. None.
Nick Cannon vs. Wilmer Valderrama Nick Cannon: Burned to ashes by the paparazzi's camera flashes after Wilmer Valderrama stripped naked. None.
Vaughn vs. Wilson Mike Jones vs. Paul Wall Mike Jones: Shredded into pieces by Paul Wall's monster chainsaw grill. None.
Andy Milonakis vs. Steve-O Wubbie Steve-O: Eaten alive by Andy Milonakis after dressing up as a Twinkie. None.
Owen Wilson vs. Vince Vaughn Sharon DePalmo (Vince Vaughn's Mom) Vince Vaughn: Deflated after Owen Wilson punctured his ego. None.
The Banter Bloodbath Chris Rose vs. Rob Dibble vs. John Salley vs. Rodney Peete Rodney Peete: Had his own leg impaled through his face by Rob Dibble.

John Salley: His head flew off after an uppercut from Rob Dibble and landed on a turnbuckle.

Rob Dibble: While he relentlessly beat up John Salley, his arms fell off and he bled to death.

Chris Rose: (Accidentally kills himself) Mills Lane told him to "Stick a cork in it" after he got annoyed by Chris' chattering. Chris, who took Mills seriously, actually stuck a cork in his mouth. Despite the cork, Chris still tried to talk, but this caused him to inflate. He floated up into the lights and exploded.

Carson Daly vs. Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Kimmel: Carson Daly sliced off his legs with the lid of a spinach can (in reference to Popeye, as it seemed Carson would eat the spinach) and then used one of Jimmy's legs as a golf club to decapitate Jimmy. To add more golf related pun, Jimmy Kimmel's head landed in a garbage can (a "Hole-in-one").

Tina Fey vs. Jon Stewart Jon Stewart: Was lassoed with his own intestines and impaled on the fluke of an anchor. None.
King of the Lil' People Lil' Bow Wow vs. Lil' Romeo Master P, Nick Diamond's father Bow Wow and Romeo: Murdered before the match by the CDM crew in order to revive them as their "Lil'" selves via the time machine (Nick Diamond accidentally reveals this when trying to figure out how the time machine could have turned them back into children) (Off screen death). Lil' Romeo: Bled to death when Lil' Bow Wow chewed off his genitals.

Lil' Flip vs. Lil' Wayne Lil' Wayne: He walked past his stepfather's gun cabinets three times and shot himself with a pistol, a machine gun, and a bazooka (all in that order). The death occurred off-screen, but Lil' Wayne's charred and headless corpse was shown afterwards. None.
Lil' Jon vs. Lil' Kim Lil' Flip, Lil' Bow Wow, Master P Lil' Flip and Lil' Bow Wow: Blown up by Lil' Jon's new album (Crunk Rock), which was literally "da bomb." Lil' Kim wouldn't fight unless she served jail time afterwards, which would boost her record sales. Lil' Flip and Lil' Bow Wow challenged Lil' Jon after he proclaimed himself "King of the Lil' People".
Celebrity DeathMash Carlos Mencia vs. Dave Chappelle Carlos Mencia: Neck ripped open by the Taco Bell Chihuahua. This fight was one of the winning votes in MTV2's pre-season internet poll.
Ashlee Simpson vs. Her Old Nose Shaun White and a flying tomato Shaun White: Head bashed in by the flying tomato. The flying tomato: Smashed by Shaun White's skateboard.

Ashlee's Old Nose: Ashlee shoved a stool and a bucket into the nostrils, which triggered a powerful sneeze that killed the nose.

This was another pre-season Internet poll winner.
Ludi-Criss Angel vs. R. Kelly Clarkson Criss Angel: Beaten to death by R. Kelly Clarkson. R. Kelly Clarkson: Levitated up into the ceiling's wiring by Ludacris and electrocuted, causing their heads to explode.

Each of the four combatants were mechanically conjoined at the side with his or her teammate before the match.
What Did Nick Do? Adrian Grenier vs. Jeremy Piven Adrian Grenier: Split in half at the torso when Jeremy Piven gave him a bear hug. None.
Rev Run vs. Russell Simmons God Russell Simmons: Decapitated by a roundhouse kick. None.
Orlando Bloom vs. Johnny Depp Kirsten Dunst and Russell Simmons's head Kirsten Dunst: Head set on fire and thrown at Johnny Depp.

Orlando Bloom: Stabbed in the heart by Johnny Depp's scissor-hand.

The actors used props from their movies to fight each other.
Where's Lohan? Jessica Simpson vs. Nick Lachey Kristin Cavallari, Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, and Joe Simpson Nick Lachey: While showing Jessica Simpson the correct use of a hand grenade (she threw one at Nick without pulling out the pin), he pulled out the release pin and blew himself up. This is the second time that Nick Lachey has lost to Jessica Simpson.
50 Cent vs. The Game The Game: 50 Cent "shot" The Game with the nine bullets he had in his body. None.
Hilary Duff vs. Lindsay Lohan Dina Lohan Lindsay Lohan: Her limbs and head were snapped off like twigs. (She is brought back to life at the end of the episode via the CDM Time Machine by Nick Diamond, who admitted to stalking her.) This match was a pre-season Internet poll winner.
Barry vs. Bud Anna Kournikova vs. Danica Patrick Anna Kournikova: Decapitated with a headbutt from Danica Patrick, but did not die immediately. She lived long enough to lob her own head at Danica Patrick, destroying it in the process. Danica Patrick: Decapitated by Anna Kournikova's projectile head.

Chris Pontius vs. Mark Zupan Chris Pontius: Torn in half and decapitated by Zupan's modified wheelchair. None.
Barry Bonds vs. Bud Selig Barry Bonds: Crushed his own head after accidentally receiving the "suicide squeeze" sign from Nick Diamond (Nick was swatting at lint, which he thought was a bee). None.

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