Drill (fabric)

Drill is a strong, durable cotton fabric with a strong bias (diagonal) in the weave. It can be used unbleached, although it is more often bleached, or dyed.

The lighter weights are used in such clothing items as shirts, safari jackets, blouses, playwear and martial arts wear.

Khaki drill is made into uniforms. Boatsail drill is unbleached and is made into sails for sailing craft and drill is also made into pocket linings. Cotton drill is made of 100% cotton and is widely used for making cook's uniform (chef wear), because it is thick enough to protect the wearer from heat. TC Drill (Tetrone Cotton) is mixture of cotton and Polyester and is also very common for making uniforms such as workers' shirts and kitchen uniforms.

100% cotton drill is much more cooling and comfortable to the touch compared to TC Drill, but its weakness is that it can shrink if its finish has not been handled well.

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