play money

Chocolate money

Chocolate money, also known as chocolate coins, consists small disks of chocolate, moulded into the shape of coins, and wrapped in gold or silver foil for added effect. It has no value as currency, but is sometimes used as "play money" by children as well as being consumed as a snack.

Chocolate money is generally made up of milk chocolate, but is occasionally made with white chocolate, dark chocolate and gluten free chocolate.

Chocolate money is often used as prizes at fairs and non-formal occasions.

Chocolate coins are also a common Hanukkah gift, known as Hanukkah gelt or chocolate gelt. They are often used in place of real money in dreidel games.

Chocolate money is also called leprechaun gold and in some areas of eastern Australia, cocoa cash.

It is commonly put in Christmas stockings in the UK

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