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Cat and Mouse (unofficial PGR game)

Cat and Mouse is an improvised racing game type for Project Gotham Racing 2 (PGR2) and 3 (PGR3) played on Xbox Live. In PGR2 all players must agree to the rules as it is not a built-in game type. However, Cat and Mouse is a built-in game type in PGR3. The room is divided into teams of at least two players. Each of these teams consist of one slow car, the "mouse", while the rest on that team chose a fast car, the "cat". All mice must be of the same type of car and different colors. The cats do not need to be the same type of car. Each team's cars should both be the same color. A team wins if their mouse crosses the finish line first. A team's cat can boost its mouse, attack other teams' mice, and protect its mouse from other teams' cats. There are several alternate rules for Cat and Mouse. Sometimes, there can be multiple cats on one team. A common rule is that cats may not attack the mouse in last place. This keeps the teams closer together and makes the game more exciting.

Cars Used

Project Gotham Racing 2

Mouse: The Mini Cooper S is used almost exclusively for the mouse on PGR2, as it is one of the slowest cars in the game. Other slow cars are used, but less often.

Cat: The Enzo Ferrari, Koenigsegg CC, Porsche 911 GT1, Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR and TVR Cerbera are mainly used in Cat and Mouse on PGR2 because of their high speeds. However, the Porsche 911 is only available in white, limiting the number that can be used in a given race to one.

Project Gotham Racing 3

Mouse: Any E class car can be used, the slower the better. The Jaguar and the Bentley are both good and have many color options giving more options for the cat which should be the color as its team's mouse. These two mice options result in slightly different gameplay. The Jaguar is light and is easily spun out. The leader will often change as the first place mouse is frequently taken out. The Bentley is much heavier and is harder to take out. It often takes several attempts to take out the Bentley so the leader usually does not change as often. One benefit of the Bentley's weight is that it can often successfully ram through car pile-ups.

Cat: Any A class car will work, as long as it has a color that the mouse car has. Teams can have different types of cats. There is no one ideal cat car. Some cars are very fast but light and easily taken out. Others are slower but heavier and more sturdy. Because all cats will be faster than the mice, it is not necessarily important that your car be faster than another team's cat.

Tracks Used

Project Gotham Racing 2

Nordschleife on Nürburgring is used almost exclusively on PGR2 for Cat and Mouse, because of its long lap length. However, KGB Corner is also used occasionally.

Project Gotham Racing 3

Any long track will work well. Tracks with grass or sand along the road and tracks with walls along the road will result in different gameplay. "The Behemoth" at the Nürburgring is arguably the most exciting track for Cat and Mouse. The "Bridge Tour" in New York City is also very fun.

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