Plasmo is an Australian claymation TV series that consisted of thirteen 5-minute episodes that aired on the ABC, and 24 other countries. It was created by animator Anthony Lawrence in 1996.

The characters


Plasmo, the main character of the series, is a "three and a half year old polybop" who is capable of shape-shifting. He spent the first few years of his life on the planet Pynco, after the Hatchery his egg was upon steered off course and crashed. He is trying to find his parents. The character of Plasmo was voiced by top Australian voiceover artist Abbe Holmes


Parsty is a polybop, and a day older than Plasmo. She wears a tiara upon her head which allows her to create a protective forcefield around her. She has a little pet called Niknik. Parsty is quite protective of Plasmo and she will assert herself against bullying characters, such as Coredor, if she senses they are trying to exploit Plasmo's niceness and friendliness.

For the tv series,the voice of Parsty was performed by Pia Morley.


Nik-Nik is a dog-like creature which accompanies Plasmo loyally.


Coredor, a self proclaimed "intergalactic space mercenary". He is secretly fascinated by Plasmo, and accompanies him as an effort to understand himself.


Brucho is a space mechanic who yearns to become a famous intergalactic space adventurer. He and Coredor teamed up, after they both flunked Bounty Hunter School - he as the pilot, Coredor as the navigator. He always wears a helmet.

Episode list

  1. Moontower
  2. Blast off!
  3. Deep Space
  4. Plasmo arrives!
  5. Tour of Monjotroldeclipdoc
  6. Space Ghosts!
  7. Plasmo and the bookworm
  8. Rainy day
  9. Big dam
  10. Nice to be nice
  11. Plasmo and the golden robot
  12. Bon voyage to Plasmo
  13. The return of Kila Wami!

The series used puppets made of plasticine, foam latex and solid plastic replacement style puppets. CG was used in some scenes as well as blue screen, matt paintings, hanging miniatures, duouble exposures, peppers ghost, live action effects and rod puppetry.


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