Plaque or placque may refer to:

  • Commemorative plaque, a flat ornamental plate or tablet fixed to a wall, used to mark a significant event, person, etc.
  • Memorial plaque, issued to next-of-kin of dead British military personnel after WWI
  • Plaque, a rectangular Casino token

In biology:

  • Dental plaque, a biofilm that builds up on teeth
  • Atheromatous plaque, a buildup of fatty deposits within the wall of a blood vessel
  • Mucoid plaque, a supposed thick coating of abnormal mucous material in the colon
  • Viral plaque, a visible structure formed by virus propagation within a cell culture
  • Senile plaques, an extracellular protein buildup implicated in various diseases like Alzheimer's disease or Parkinson's disease
  • Plaque, a (usually) small, disk-shaped growth, common in some forms of skin cancer
  • Pleural plaque, pleural fibrosis, often caused by exposure to asbestos

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