Plank most commonly refers to a split, flat piece of wood, often planed; it is technically distinguished from a sawn board. Plank may also refer to:

  • The Plank, a noted British comedy film, with no dialogue
  • The Plank (1979 film), a remake of the 1967 film
  • Conny Plank, an influential German record producer
  • Eddie Plank, an early 20th century baseball player
  • Walking the plank is a form of execution associated with pirates
  • Individual items of a party platform are called planks in U.S. politics
  • Plank, a character in the animated television series Ed, Edd n Eddy
  • Plank House
  • Plank is a nickname of Peter Clemens, who has served as equipment technician for the band Radiohead since 1994. The guitars he has built are also referred to as "plank" with an identifying number
  • A Plank is an exercise targeting the abdominal muscles:

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