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Lists of United States Presidents by place of birth

These are lists of United States Presidents by place of birth.

By community

Birthplace President
Albemarle County, Virginia Thomas Jefferson
Barboursville, Virginia Zachary Taylor
Blooming Grove, Ohio Warren G. Harding
Braintree, Massachusetts
part of Quincy, Massachusetts, 1792
John Adams
John Quincy Adams
Brookline, Massachusetts John F. Kennedy
Caldwell, New Jersey Grover Cleveland
Charles City County, Virginia William Henry Harrison
John Tyler
Cincinnati, Ohio William Howard Taft
Cove Gap, Pennsylvania James Buchanan
Delaware, Ohio Rutherford B. Hayes
Denison, Texas Dwight D. Eisenhower
Fairfield, Vermont Chester A. Arthur
Hardin County, Kentucky Abraham Lincoln
Hilsborough, New Hampshire Franklin Pierce
Hope, Arkansas Bill Clinton
Hyde Park, New York Franklin D. Roosevelt
Kinderhook, New York
                                    > Martin Van Buren
Lamar, Missouri Harry S. Truman
Mecklenburg County, North Carolina
                                    > James K. Polk
Milton, Massachusetts George H. W. Bush
Birthplace President
Moreland Hills, Ohio James A. Garfield
New Haven, Connecticut George W. Bush
New York City, New York Theodore Roosevelt
Niles, Ohio William McKinley
North Bend, Ohio Benjamin Harrison
Omaha, Nebraska Gerald Ford
Plains, Georgia Jimmy Carter
Plymouth, Vermont Calvin Coolidge
Point Pleasant, Ohio Ulysses S. Grant
Port Conway, Virginia James Madison
Raleigh, North Carolina Andrew Johnson
Staunton, Virginia Woodrow Wilson
Stonewall, Texas Lyndon B. Johnson
Summerhill, New York Millard Fillmore
Tampico, Illinois Ronald Reagan
Lancaster County, South Carolina Andrew Jackson
West Branch, Iowa Herbert Hoover
Westmoreland, Virginia
                                    > George Washington
James Monroe
Yorba Linda, California Richard Nixon

By state

Total State Presidents Places of birth
8 Virginia George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
James Madison
James Monroe
William Henry Harrison  
John Tyler
Zachary Taylor
Woodrow Wilson
Popes Creek Plantation, Westmoreland County
Shadwell, Albemarle County
Port Conway, King George County
Westmoreland County
Berkeley Plantation, Charles City County
Charles City County
Barboursville, Orange County
7 Ohio Ulysses S. Grant
Rutherford B. Hayes
James A. Garfield
Benjamin Harrison
William McKinley
William Howard Taft
Warren G. Harding
Point Pleasant, Clermont County
Delaware, Delaware County
Orange Township, Cuyahoga County
North Bend, Hamilton County
Niles, Trumbull County
Cincinnati, Hamilton County
Near Blooming Grove, Morrow County
4 Massachusetts John Adams
John Quincy Adams
John F. Kennedy
George H. W. Bush
Braintree, Norfolk County
Braintree, Norfolk County
Brookline, Norfolk County
Milton, Norfolk County
New York Martin Van Buren
Millard Fillmore
Theodore Roosevelt
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Kinderhook, Columbia County
Summerhill, Cayuga County
Manhattan, New York County
Hyde Park, Dutchess County
2 North Carolina Andrew Johnson
James K. Polk
Raleigh, North Carolina
Pineville, North Carolina
Texas Dwight D. Eisenhower
Lyndon B. Johnson
Denison, Grayson County
Stonewall, Gillespie County
Vermont Chester A. Arthur
Calvin Coolidge
Fairfield, Vermont
Plymouth, Vermont
1 Arkansas William Jefferson Clinton Hope, Arkansas
California Richard Nixon Yorba Linda, California
Connecticut George W. Bush New Haven, Connecticut
Georgia Jimmy Carter Plains, Georgia
Illinois Ronald Reagan Tampico, Illinois
Iowa Herbert Hoover West Branch, Iowa
Kentucky Abraham Lincoln near Hodgenville, Kentucky
Missouri Harry S. Truman Lamar, Missouri
Nebraska Gerald Ford Omaha, Nebraska
New Hampshire Franklin Pierce Hillsborough, New Hampshire
New Jersey Grover Cleveland Caldwell, New Jersey
Pennsylvania James Buchanan Mercersburg, Pennsylvania
South Carolina Andrew Jackson Lancaster County

Presidents whose political base was not their birth state

President Birth state Political base
Andrew Jackson South Carolina Tennessee
William Henry Harrison  
                        > Virginia
James K. Polk North Carolina Tennessee
Zachary Taylor Virginia Louisiana
Abraham Lincoln Kentucky Illinois
Andrew Johnson North Carolina Tennessee
Ulysses S. Grant Ohio Illinois
Chester A. Arthur Vermont New York
Grover Cleveland New Jersey New York
President Birth state Political base
Benjamin Harrison Ohio Indiana
Woodrow Wilson Virginia New Jersey
Calvin Coolidge Vermont Massachusetts
Herbert Hoover Iowa California
Dwight D. Eisenhower Texas Kansas
Gerald Ford Nebraska Michigan
Ronald Reagan Illinois California
George H. W. Bush  
                        > Massachusetts
George W. Bush Connecticut Texas

Presidents born as British subjects

The following Presidents were born British subjects before the establishment of the United States:


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