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Boyd County High School

Boyd County High School is a public high school located in Cannonsburg, Kentucky, an unincorporated community served by the Ashland post office. It is part of the Boyd County Public Schools school district.

Notable events

In 2001, the BCHS Varsity Baseball team won the State Championship, after a string of trips to the state Final Four. The Lions had won multiple regional titles, and had made their 4th trip to the state finals in just over a decade. Benefiting from a mercy-rule victory in the state semifinals, and a rain-delayed championship game against Louisville Ballard, the Lions were able to pitch staff ace Jeff Robbins in both games. Robbins never allowed an earned run, as the Lions cruised to a 3-0 victory, with Robbins winning MVP.

In April 2002, an attempt to form a Gay-Straight Alliance was put down. Proponents wanted a support group for people who are gay. They may have achieved this, but it was at the expense of the rest of the school being united against them. Opponents claimed homosexuality was immoral, that sex doesn't belong in schools, the Human Rights Club already addressed those issues, and it was too late in the school year for more clubs to form. Only the last of these was seen as legitimate, so the ACLU sent letters to the principal demanding the club be allowed to form. All school clubs not mandated by state law for funding were then down in October. When they were allowed to meet again in December, they had to meet after school. In January 2003, a group from Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas picketed the high school and two area churches that had led the opposition, but not the church that supported them. The club dissolved itself and the teacher left, but by lawsuit demands, a tolerance training day was put in place once a year starting with 2004-5. On the first such day, 360 of the school's 973 students skipped, 100 asked to be exempted and were forced to sit around and not attend the class they were taken out of, and others were on field trips.

The academic team has been successful in recent years, usually taking third in the regional governor's cup. One student has placed ninth (2004) and tenth (2005) in state math competitions, as well as first in the one at the Kentucky Beta Convention (2004).


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