Pink for October

Pink for October is an initiative started in August of 2006, in which sites all over the world change their templates to include the color pink, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, because October is the month of Breast Cancer Awareness.

About the initiative

Pink for October began when Matthew Oliphant created a joke website that contained a lot of pink for his coworker. The coworker made fun of it, and then Matthew decided to ask people on 9rules for a list of sites that looked great with the color pink, to show the coworker that pink looked fine on websites. It was then that he realized that October is the month for Breast Cancer Awareness, and said the following on his blog in a post and also on the forums:

"So much pink around… maybe we should pinkify our sites for Breast Cancer Awareness Month which is October. Somewhat in the vein of Dustin’s Get Naked Day.

That’d be sweet to get 200+ 9r member sites (and hopefully influence others) to go pink for a month. Could publicise it, get more traffic, accolades, etc. Plus raise awareness of Breast Cancer research, raise money… It could be a fun group activity that also helps a good cause.

Would that be of interest to anyone?"

The official site also allows users to post their personal stories relating to breast cancer.

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